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2022/23 Secretary's Report

With great pleasure I deliver the 124th Annual Report of the Adelaide & Suburban Cricket Association. 


The AGM again voted to continue with the 7+7 Format. When the Fixture was released we had 84 teams nominated with Ceylon Strikers joining the Association. We had 10 Sections in total with 8 teams in Section 1-8 and 10 teams in Section 9 & 10. WITHDRAWALS This season saw a number of Withdrawals and Forfeits which started the week leading into Round 1 and continue most of the way through the season. The Executive did our best to try and get as many teams playing as possible a redraw of the fixture on a couple of occasions. Whether the Online Registration has made it harder for clubs to entice Fill Ins or Casual players only time will tell. 


The season began on 8th October with 21 weeks of Minor Round Games and Two Weekends of Finals with the Grand Finals bringing the season to a close on 25th & 26th March. Wet Weather impacted the early part of the season with minimal to no Cricket being played on a couple of days. I can’t recall having so many days throughout the season affected by rain. Thankfully the Hot Weather left us alone and No Days were lost to Hot Weather. 

CORONA VIRUS (Covid-19) 

Covid was still around but it had less impact on the season and thankfully a lot less work was required on Covid Permits for replacement players this season. 


Grand Final Weekend was unfortunately badly affected by Wet Weather on Day 2 (Sunday). Section 1-3 Grand Finals were ALL Abandoned without a Ball Bowled on Day Two. Section 7, 8 & 10 Grand Finals were Abandoned with minimal Overs played on Day Two. Section 4,5 & 9 Grand Finals were completed within half a days play on Day Two. Section 6 Grand Final was the lucky game as it saw nearly two complete days played and a result. It was disappointing that the Association’s call for assistance with Umpires to cover ALL Semi Finals with Neutral Umpires was unsuccessful. We thank those that put their hands up to assist. It does make the finals experience more enjoyable when you have two neutral umpires. If next season you are not playing finals, then please consider being a Neutral Umpire for a Semi Final. 


Congratulations to the 10 Premiership winners. 

Section 1 Halliday/Heptinstall Cup 

Coro Ramblers def Sheidow Park – NP D2 

Section 2 ICA Stepney Cup 

Port Noarlunga def Morphettville Park – NP D2 

Section 3 McAvaney Trophies Cup 

ICC Sharks II def Fitzroy – NP D2 

Section 4 Elder Meat Store Cup 

St Johns OS def Southern - Completed 

Section 5 At the Toss of a Coin Cup 

Fitzroy II def by Port Noarlunga II - Completed 

Section 6 Blackwood Sound Cup 

South Park def Southern Warriors – Full Game 

Section 7 Larry Collin Century 21 Cup 

Southern Warriors II def Kenilworth III – A D2 

Section 8 I Detail Cars Cup 

North Haven III def Morphettville Park IV – A D2 

Section 9 Hopkins/McGowran Cup 

Mitchell Park IV def Coromandel V - Completed 

Section 10 Morphett Vale Butcher Cup 

Warradale II def Coro Ramblers V – A D2 


Hewett Medal The highest individual award is the Hewett Medal named after Jack Hewett former President and his son Russ Hewett Vice-president and Umpire. It is given to the most outstanding and fair player from Section 1. Votes are awarded each minor round game by the umpires. This year the winner was Jon Ferris from Coro Ramblers. 

Zadow Medal Is given to the most outstanding and fair player from Section 2. This medal is named after John Zadow for his contribution to the Association. Votes are awarded each minor round game by the umpires. This year the winner was Daniel Voyzey from Morphettville Park. 


Batting Trophies Aggregate Runs. 

Section 1 Russell Hewett Trophy 552 Blake Harding Sheidow Park 

Section 2 Phil Davis Trophy 565 Aiden Hinsley North Haven 

Section 3 John Voyzey Trophy 672 Sandeep Huda Fitzroy 

Section 4 Russell Wight Trophy 769 Oli Styles St John’s OS 

Section 5 Craig Lawn Trophy 570 Deepak Kunigiri Grand Masters 

Section 6 Ray Blake Memorial 724 Varun Rao Southern Warriors 

Section 7 David Billett Trophy 642 Rooahulla Agha Afghan 

Section 8 Kevin Joseph Trophy 444 Tim Harris Mitchell Park III 

Section 9 John Zadow Trophy 377 William Taylor Coromandel V 

Section 10 Mark Whenan Trophy 377 Noel Browne Warradale II 

The Ray Webb Memorial Trophy for the highest aggregate of runs in Sections 1 – 3 was won by Sandeep Huda of Fitzroy with 672 runs in Section 3. 

The Ron Halliday Memorial Trophy for the highest aggregate runs in Sections 4 – 10 was won by Oli Styles of St John’s OS with 769 runs in Section 3. 

Bowling Trophies Aggregate Wickets 

Section 1 Cliff Theiley Memorial 34 Kelly McKee ICC Sharks 

Section 2 David Neil Trophy 36 Aaron Fishwick Morphettville Park

Section 3 Roger Mabelson Trophy 31 Phil Greener Cove II 

Section 4 Ron Adams Trophy 36 Justin Skinner Plympton Footballers II 

Section 5 John Heptinstall Trophy 31 Yash Kimmatkar Grand Masters 

Section 6 John Wilks Trophy 36 Shaun Hanson Keswick III 

Section 7 Tony Fromene Trophy 28 Andrew Buett Coromandel IV 

Section 8 Peter Berkshire Trophy 23 Peter Kastelyn ICC Sharks IV 

Section 9 Steven Skinner Trophy 27 Matthew Slattery Coromandel V 

Section 10 Darrel Rosser Memorial 24 Daniel Ager Port Noarlunga IV and Anthony Wilkin Warradale II 

The Joe Heptinstall Memorial Trophy for the highest aggregate of wickets taken in Sections 1 – 3 was won by Aaron Fishwick of Morphettville Park with 36 wickets in Section 2. 

The Frank Gray Memorial Trophy for the highest aggregate of wickets taken in Section 4 – 10 was shared by Justin Skinner of Plympton Footballers with 36 wickets in Section 4 and Shaun Hanson of Keswick with 36 wickets in Section 6. 

Bert Crowhurst Memorial Fielding Trophies

Section 1 14 Josh Rosman Coro Ramblers

Section 2 11 Alex Tunny Morphettville Park

Section 3 11 Simon Longhurst Fitzroy

Section 4 14 Aaron McCrae Plympton Ftbalrs 

Section 5 13 Deepak Kunigiri Grand Masters

Section 6 15 Siddharth Joshi Southern Warriors

Section 7 16 Benny Samuelraj Grand Masters II

Section 8 10 Peter Kastelyn ICC Sharks IV, Aaron Cox Mitchell Park and Flynn Kageler Southern II

Section 9 9 Shane Nelson Coromandel V 

Section 10 8 Tim White Warradale II

Jim Coulls Memorial  Wicketkeeping Trophies

Section 1  58 Daljeet Singh Keswick

Section 2  61 Brayden Vasey Mitchell Park 

Section 3 46 Inderjeet Bhullar Fitzroy II 

Section 4 56 Tom Bennett Southern  

Section 5 61 Daniel Farrugia Port Noarlunga II  

Section 6 66 Varun Rao Southern Warriors  

Section 7 51 Vimal Venugopal Grand Masters II  

Section 8 53 Ben Porter Morphettville Park IV  III  

Section 9 50 Oliver Goss Port Noarlunga III  

Section 10 39 Grant Craigie Warradale II 

ASCA T20 Competition 

This season saw 27 Teams Nominated to play in the T20 Competition. The Division One Competition had 9 Teams and Division Two Competition had 10 teams. Both Divisions were split into two groups of five (1 Group of 4 in Div 1). The Top 2 from each Group advanced to the Semi Finals. The Division Three Competition was played with 8 teams split into two groups of four teams. The Winner of each Group advanced to the Semi Finals. Games were played mostly on Tuesday evenings starting at 5.20pm with some Sunday Fixtures required to fit the competitions into the seasons. This season the competition was disrupted by weather and the Withdrawal of a couple sides after the initial rounds. John Zadow did a fantastic job organising and appointing umpires for nearly all games, which was greatly appreciated by the players. 

All Three Divisions Grand Finals were schedules to be played across the two ovals at Hackham on Sunday 5th March, however weather once again played its part before the start of the Division One Final which was then rescheduled to Sunday 12th March. We thank ICC Sharks for hosting both days of Grand Finals. 

Division One saw Sheidow Park defeat Coro Ramblers to take home the Jack Voyzey Cup. 

Division Two saw Port Noarlunga defeat Fitzroy to win the Peter Berkshire Cup. 

Division Three saw Fitzroy (2) defeat Mitchell Park (2) to take home the Michael Young Cup. 

The T20 Competition provided some great cricket and this is a competition that we will continue to review to ensure we are using timeslots and format that work with clubs to enable the competition to stay enjoyable and relevant to clubs and players. 

SAMCA Senior Shield / SAMCA Metropolitan Cup / Under 21 Cup These competitions were not played this season. 

SENIOR ASCA Representative Side vs Alexandra and Eastern Hills Cricket Association. After an approach from Alexandra and Eastern Hills Cricket Association a Senior Association Match was organised. The game was played as a T20 Fixture at the Summit Recreation Park at Mt Barker. This is a fixture that both Associations are keen to play on an ongoing basis. 


Thanks to John Zadow for again organising umpires. Unfortunately, they could not be put on PlayHQ games and umpires and clubs had to be notified by email. Last season saw John Williams umpire his 150th game, Peter Williamson his 200th and Russell Hewett his 350th. Please ask those at your club coming to the end of their playing career to consider the satisfaction they could find in umpiring. This season we had 10-12 regular umpires with a few new umpires joining the Association this season. When all weren’t available it did impact our ability to spread the Umpires down to the lower sections on a regular basis however John did manage to accommodate as many requests as possible. With the expansion of the T20 Competition this also provided more Tuesday Nights that needed to be covered by Umpires and we thank those from outside our normal umpire pool that assisted. 


Phil Davis – President, John Voyzey – Vice-President, Michael Young – Secretary & Angelo Pansini – Assistant Secretary. With Andrew Wright stepping down as Treasurer and No Nominations at the AGM we thank Andrew for carrying on in the role until Nathan Jacobs took on the Treasurer role and everything was set up and handed over. 

The Executive have important decisions to make in the running of the competition from grading teams, programming matches and granting permits to settling disputes between clubs and dealing with poor behaviour. As well as those named above John Zadow, Shaun Visser, John McTier, Ray Thatcher, John Gritzalis, Bob Pearce, Lee Fuller, Michael Ledgard and Adam Rusk were elected to the Executive Committee. They are volunteers who take on tasks and make decisions for the good of our cricket. While it is a strong committee, we are always looking for new people to put their hand up and join the Executive Committee. 

A modified Book with Special Match Rules and Information important to the running of a game was produced again this season. Two or three went to each Club, Umpires were given one and some additional books were kept for those that still wanted one. Steve Skinner again produced the book printed by Westpress. Thanks for his continuing work. 


Once again, the Umpires were paid by the Association with Invoices for payment being sent to Clubs after each game. This is certainly something that has made life easier for the Clubs. Without the hours of work spent on this by Andrew Wright and then Nathan Jacobs it would not have been successful and I thank Andrew and Nathan for the time and effort put into this. 


With the making of Captains Reports mandatory for every game and Phil sharing the feedback provided it seemed to assist in highlighting poor behaviour and clubs dealing with the matter or it led to clubs presenting their version of events and providing insight to the opposition on why matters occurred. If you have an issue in your game then please ensure you make the Association aware of it whether it be via email to the Association Secretary or a little note on the Captains Report. 


Kookaburra Sport has long supported Adelaide and Suburban and this relationship looks to continue into the future. ICON Sport was onboard again as the Association preferred supplier and this season saw the Umpires and Executive move to ICON supplied Shirts and Jackets. Etches Trophies were the supplier of the Trophies for Presentation Night and Sportscentre were a preferred supplier of Kookaburra Balls and some Umpiring items that were required. We thank Plympton Sports and Social Clubs who offer the use of their clubrooms for our meetings at no cost. We thank the clubs and their staff who are always helpful in accommodating us. Angelo Pansini has previously worked hard to organise sponsors for the Sections that didn’t have naming rights agreements in place already and has continued the relationship with these sponsors. Thank you to Angelo for his efforts and to the companies he has got involved with the Association. 


On T20 Grand Final we saw regular Port Noarlunga Wicketkeeper Joseph Butterworth take the Ball and roll his arm over in the Division 2 game. He achieved every bowlers’ dream of claiming a Hat Trick which enabled his side to stop Fitzroy building any momentum in their innings and would see Port Noarlunga comfortably chase down the required runs. 

Also, on Grand Final day, the Division Three Grand Final was played between Mitchell Park (2) and Fitzroy (2). With rain beginning to fall in the late stages of the game both Captains were keen to have the teams decide the Winner and not DLS. This was a credit to both Captains and teams as the game was very evenly balanced. 

This season was certainly made a lot harder for all administrators and a reduced quality experience for players and those following results and statistics with the forced transition to PlayHQ which was not fit for use but was forced upon everyone. One can only hope that some hard work has been done so that we have a some-what fit for use system this season. 

Late in the season we provided clubs with the opportunity to complete a Survey to give the Executive a clearer picture of where the clubs would like to see the Association head. We appreciate the clubs’ efforts that provided us with replies. It gave us some insight into what clubs are thinking. It would have been better if ALL clubs had taken the time to provide us with their thoughts and perspective. 

At last years AGM I was looking to step down as Association Secretary, however with No interest from the floor I agreed to continue with the knowledge it would be in a lesser capacity due to family commitments. While I tried this for a season it doesn’t sit well with me to take on a position that I am unable to commit to and complete in the manner it should be. We are trying to reduce the workload on Phil, however with my reduced role it left more work for Phil which is not sustainable. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Secretary and it came at a time in life that I could keep a work, family and hobby balance. However, with my current work and now having 3 kids, it has come time that I need to step back and recharge the batteries. With that I hope will come the passion to get heavily involved in the Administration side of things. Many hands make light work, so please consider putting your hand up to join the Executive and do your bit to reduce the load and importantly bring fresh perspective and ideas to the Association. 

Michael Young 


Adelaide & Suburban Cricket Association 

20th August 2023

2022/23 Club Report

The 2022/23 season at times showed what our our best, each of our teams competed with the top sides in their divisions and can be confident that we are not far off! You will hear more about this from the captains in their speeches.

On-field Highlights of the year included:

-       Finley Borgas winning the ATCA LO1 batting aggregate

-       A massive haul of 7/28 by fill-in Rory O’Brien in the LO1’s

-       A haul of 5/14 to Sidhaarth in the B Grade

-       A haul of 6/48 for Matthew Bell in the B Grade

-       A big ton to Jim’s son in the B Grade (can’t find the stats)

In total, 56 people played for the club this season, although I feel the real number was a lot higher with the fill-ins which are not available on PlayHQ stats. What I learned this season is that there are plenty of cricketers we have on our books now who could have great careers at Adelaide Lutheran if we can get them in for more matches next season.

Off the field, we successfully brought back a number of our social events after a number of COVID-19-interrupted years. The curry night continued to be a huge hit with our members, Josh got the quiz night back up and going to great success and Jim organised a poker night which was an incredibly fun night. Next year, we look to consolidate these events and add a couple more to our calendar. Well done on everyone who contributed and participated in these great events - I am really excited to see them continue to grow next season!

Strategically, there are three major things that are going to have a really positive impact on our cricket club moving forward. Simon Rodger, Chairman of ALSC, sends his apologies. I’ll talk a bit on his behalf.

1.     Junior Cricket - At the SACA Community Cricket Awards, the Adelaide Junior Bulldogs were awarded the Junior Cricket Initiative Award for the strong growth our club has seen over its 4 years of existence. This is massive news – they will now attend the Cricket Australia Awards and are in contention for the national Junior Cricket Initiative award. This is the future of our club and something we need to be involved with closely next season. It was so pleasing. To see a number of our juniors playing senior cricket this season, especially with their dads!

2.     A new training facility: We have applied for two grants totalling $80,000 this season. We will hear news on these applications in the coming months and will look to build our new practice facility at the north-western corner of the turf oval. This will help improve the quality of training and the number of people we can have train at one time, as well as make our club more attractive to prospective players. This will also assist the junior program considerably, providing a safer environment for our juniors that is more conducive to skill development.

3.     Our new clubroom facility. Two steps forward + one step back = one step forward overall. Tho project continues to progress slowly but we are certainly on the right track.

Moving toward next season, recruiting more cricketers, developing skills and continuing to build momentum on the fantastic social events that were run this season will help put the club in a stronger position.

2022/23 Club Report

ACC had a tough season last couple summer’s seasons as the club was having majority of the player were unexperienced or never played cricket before. Except few experience players which kept the hope for the team. We were able to get 11 players at the match day but some of them did not have their personal vehicle and some of them were not able to use GPS and find the right address as they were new to the country. Also, most of our players were not used to the longer format of the game.

The establishment of the Afghan cricket club was based on the mandate of creating a platform in the form of a club where newcomers are welcomed to Adelaide and get them to integrate themselves into the community. In the last summer season as most of our players were those who were new to Australia, they had language barriers and were having a hard time to adjust themselves to the new environment. Although ACC team faced all these issues, but boys had a wonderful season and enjoyed themselves. ACC captain Roo and other senior players were encouraging players that we shouldn’t lose our spirit and work hard to get better. In general, compared to other clubs in the tournament, we were a newly established club so we usually faced some challenges such as language and cultural barriers.

However, every player put their hundred percent to do something for the team as our club strength is a short format. Several times our team has qualified for the finals and semi-finals at T20 SACA tournament. We had some individual performances that our captain Roo was the highest scorer of the season for ACC team and even in the whole section 7 as he scored 642 runs last season. Abdul Ghafar Stanikzai was the highest wicket taker for the season with 22 wickets. Boys particularly newcomers appreciated the club efforts and pledged to start new season with more preparation and commitment. Captain Roo and club members are planning to have the club presentation very soon and discuss future events and plans.

2022/23 Club Report

I hope this email finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing on behalf of Ceylon Stickers CC. First and foremost, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the opportunity to have participated in the SACA Summer Tournament last year. It was an exhilarating experience that brought our team together and fostered a strong sense of camaraderie among our players.
With a sense of regret, I must inform you that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to participate in the ASCA Summer Tournament this year. We have deliberated extensively over the past few weeks, exploring all possible avenues to field a team for the competition. However, despite our best efforts, we have been faced with the unfortunate reality of insufficient player availability.
Please know that this decision has not been taken lightly. We hold the tournament and its spirit of friendly competition in high regard and were eagerly looking forward to participating once more. However, with key players occupied by personal commitments and other engagements, we feel that we would not be able to field a team that does justice to the spirit of the tournament.
Rest assured, this withdrawal is a one-time occurrence, and we fully intend to return to the SACA Summer Tournament next year with renewed enthusiasm and dedication. We deeply value our association with ASCA and believe in its mission to promote sportsmanship and cricketing excellence throughout the region.
We extend our best wishes for a successful and memorable ASCA Summer Tournament 2023. May the event be filled with exciting matches, great sportsmanship, and camaraderie among all participating teams. While we may not be there on the field this year, our support and cheers will undoubtedly be with all the teams competing.
Thank you once again for your understanding and support. We look forward to being an active part of future tournaments organized by ASCA. In the meantime, if there are any other ways we can contribute or be of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Warmest regards,
Sachith Weerawardena
Ceylon Strickers Cricket Club
Thanks & Best regards,

2022-23 Club Report

The 2022/23 season for the Coromandel Cricket Club was one filled with milestones, significant developments and the promotion of our exciting young talent, as well as some vintage contributions from the elder statesmen of our club. One of the highlights of the season was our 160th Celebration, where we revelled in the long and rich history of our club that was established in 1862. The night culminated in a riveting speech by club Patron Russell Hewett, where he passed on Coromandel knowledge and stories from this century, last century and the century before that. It was a special night to be a part of and each and every person at the event left with a greater understanding of just how much history our club holds. As the club celebrated this milestone that the whole Coromandel family is incredibly proud to be a part of, we now thank outgoing President Ben Eames for all that he has achieved in his time in the position. We welcome new President Cameron van den Bos and look forward to success across all grades with him guiding our historic club.
In sitting back and taking stock of 2022/23, one of the standout highlights of the season was the continuing emergence of numerous young players who have earned their A grade debuts in recent times. These players include Jack Walton, Angus Heaton, Patrick Taylor, Nathan Houston, Henry Beenham, Oliver Bone, Trent Denning, Maksim Maclean, Jack Eames, Dean Taylor and Mike Taylor, all of whom are under the age of 23. This injection of fresh talent has not only brought enthusiasm and energy to the team but also showcased the exciting youth development program the club has in place, led by the invaluable Mark Lemmey. The junior divisions thrived, as five junior sides played in the South Central Junior Cricket Association, with the U16's and U14's experiencing Grand Final success. Many of our juniors made their senior debuts, highlighting the effectiveness of our youth development pathway. We look forward to more Coromandel born and bred juniors growing their love for cricket at our club and making their seniors debuts in the years to come.
A significant change occurred off the field when club coach Mick Taylor, who stepped down in his role as coach at the conclusion of the previous season to take over the C grade captaincy, made the decision to take a well earned career change and move to Cairns. The club would like to take the opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mick for his immense contributions to developing the club's youth over the years, promoting an exciting brand of cricket and achieving success in his years at Coro. His dedication and coaching expertise in leading young men will be sorely missed, but his impact on our players will continue to be felt for years to come. Mick moving just before the Christmas break meant a vacancy for the C grade captaincy, which Ben Kernich moved into from the B grade captaincy and Gareth Bruce subsequently filled the B grade captaincy role. It is selfless acts like these that make a club tick along smoothly and make Coromandel a great team environment to be involved in. We thank these two men for their contributions in these roles over the season.
Throughout the season, the club saw a remarkable turnout of 104 players participating in senior matches across our 6 senior sides. This high level of involvement demonstrated the strong sense of camaraderie and passion for the game that exists within the Coromandel Cricket Club. Whilst some players enjoy having a social hit with their mates in the lower grades to blow off steam for the weekend and others strive to play competitively as high as possible, the fact that 104 players pulled on a Coro shirt last year is a credit to the club. What is most important to us, no matter where our players play, is that each and every Coromandel player enjoys playing here.
On an individual level, significant game milestones were achieved by Bruce 'Henry' Carpenter (550), Jarrod McCauley (250) and Ben Eames (100), with our beloved statistician and life member David Billett playing his 300th in his first appearance of the upcoming season. At the end of season awards night, held at the Belair Hotel, we celebrated the achievements of award winners such as our batting trophy winners; Rahsaan Oakey (A grade), Gareth Bruce (B), Chris Norman (C), Paul Champion (D), Will Taylor (E) and John Murphy (F), as well as our bowling trophy winners; Jack Walton and Suraj Gyawali (A grade), Mike Taylor (B), Chris Norman (C), Andrew Buet (D), Matthew Slattery (E) and Terry Jenke (F). Other players we celebrated winning awards included Will Taylor (Junior Player of the Year), Jai Koirala (A Grade Player of the Year), Chris Norman (Jack Hewett Award and MVP), Nathan Houston (T20 Player of the Year) and John Murphy (Clubman Award).
Looking forward to season 2023/24, times at the Coromandel Cricket Club have never been more exciting. To further enhance the club's facilities and support player development, we are almost ready to build our new cricket net facility next to the new clubrooms. This will be an amazing addition to what is becoming a very exciting environment for our players to be involved in. As noted, the club experienced a change in leadership as well, with a new committee of 16 members being formed under the guidance of the new President Cam van den Bos. Cam's vision brings great excitement and direction to the club's future.
On the coaching front, we have signed Adam Walton as Club Coach for season 23/24. Adam is an ex-Glenelg A Grade SACA Premier Cricket player, with playing experience in the UK and interstate, as well as winning multiple premierships with Brighton in ATCA. Adam brings his own coaching philosophies and expertise and we are all excited for what our partnership holds in regards to Coromandel player development and success on field. The club has also made significant signings to strengthen our squad, as we warmly welcome Maneesh Khakurel and Pramesh Giri from Adelaide University. We look forward to their skills and experience bolstering the team's performance in the coming seasons. As we strive to become a club where everyone would love to play, watch this space for more player signings across the grades.
All in all, the 2022/23 season for the Coromandel Cricket Club was a blend of nostalgia, celebration and growth. As the club moved into and past its 160th year, we all now look forward to embracing the new changes and challenges, confident in the knowledge that the passion for cricket and the spirit of camaraderie will continue to thrive within the Coromandel Cricket Club family for years to come. Good luck to all ASCA members, umpires and players in season 2023/24!

2022-23 Club Report

Congratulations to all our Ramblers players & their families on another fantastic year of (back to normal) cricket.

Club Day started the season once again with large numbers from both juniors & seniors turning out for uniform orders, registration & a free BBQ.

Preseason flew past & in no time, we started another we had 5 junior & 5 senior teams proudly wearing the Ramblers colours each weekend. The unusually wet season meant we were forced to cancel some trainings & games or play at alternative venues for the first month of the season. In hindsight, the hard work in finding grounds for our Section 1 team impacted the very last game of the season – in a positive way. Desperate players just wanting to play cricket saw some junior teams playing in the rain on a wet Sunday morning!

We continue as a club to fight for access to better (some) club facilities at Hawthorndene Oval, working with all levels of government to realise a solution. We currently have an approved project with a funding shortfall owed to the heightened building industry & COVID19 hangover. We have until the end of 2023 to secure funding before our grant is returned. Rest assured we are exploring all options & partnerships to bring something to our club after nearly 100 years.

The decision was made to move our E grade to the Aberfoyle Park Campus, seeking a better player and centre wicket surface for our players. We also continue to work with the Onkaparinga Council to bring Frank Smith Park in Coromandel Valley online for low impact organised sport, with recent reports initiated by our requests confirming the significant shortage of ovals in our area.

Our club’s sponsorship department, led by Nick Work continues to thrive, stronger each year with our Sponsorship Loyalty Program continuing to lead the way in community sport across the nation. Now nearing $400K spent by club members, it is a truly astonishing amount of support we have shown our sponsors in the last two seasons. I encourage you to support a sponsor or two in the off season & record your purchase through our club’s messenger chat bot. Not only do you keep your dollars local you also go in the draw to win some fantastic prizes from us!

Our facilities continue to be maintained by club volunteers, also led by Nick with a special thank you to Brain Bates who keeps our ovals marked with the brightest white & straightest lines in the association.

This year our senior teams were positioned in Sections 1, 2, 5, 9 & 10 which provided us an opportunity to play cricket at all levels. Three of our five teams played finals & two in grand finals. Congratulations to our Section 1 team led by Fabian Saunders for taking home the premiership! After posting a magnificent first day total with the bat, sadly the game was washed out resulting in a draw. Premierships are hard to come by at the best of times but backing up after last year is a testament to the dedication of our senior players & their drive for success. Eleven under-16 players had a taste of senior cricket this season, a great opportunity to get a taste of senior cricket, next stage in the Ramblers development pathway.

Socially, we held our second Season Launch event and listened in awe to Adelaide oval legend Les Burdett who talked us through his time managing one of Australia's best stadium surfaces. We hosted our 3rd annual Cornhole Championship as our Christmas breakup event & had over 50 players compete for the title of Cornhole Champion. The well-favoured reigning champion (me) was sadly knocked out in the first round with an injury affecting performance. A healthy crowd eventually saw Matthew Chipperfield defeat Jon Ferris in the Grand Final & take home the prestigious belt. Our quiz night was held in February and well supported by senior players & friends. It was our biggest-ever fundraiser for the club, raising $8500, but we would love to see it grow even more with the support of more junior families next year.

I want to thank the club’s committee who put in a tireless number of hours each week to make our club run smoothly on & off the field. We had several new players & parents step onto the committee this year which helped spread the load. We are always looking for new faces to join us & keep all our roles manageable & fully supported. If you’ve ever considered helping, please reach out to me & discuss this further. Many hands make light work. Without volunteers, our club can’t continue to operate at the high standard it does. We would love to hear your new ideas!


22/23 Club Report

A mixed season for the club overall with an end of an era of sorts finishing bottom of section 1. The men in that team should hold their heads high, as they represented the club with class even through some heavy defeats. Led well by a 20 year old star in Kye Dean
Our B grade made the jump to section 3 this year and finished 5th. A solid result with some good late season form. The highlight being Phil Greener winning the section 3 bowling trophy with a sensational haul of 31 wickets.

Withdrawing our C grade was disappointing, but we have strong expectations of filling a 3rd side next season. A 'dads army' is in the works.

Cove are a good club, full of good people. We will bounce back and give section 2 a good crack next season. Having teams in sec2 and 3 is still a very good place to be.

We look forward to getting back on the park in a few months and seeing what the future holds. We are in a strong financial position and will look to purchase new training equipment and bring some more enjoyment to our sessions for both our growing junior program and senior group.

Travis Ruth
President, Cove CC

It is with regret that I write to advise of Fitzroy's intention to exit the Adelaide & Suburban Cricket Association effective immediately. As you have been made aware, significant changes have occurred at our club recently over a short space of time.

Among those changes was the decision to part company with the vast majority of our A-Grade, B-Grade and C-Grade playing group, due to the club's desire to break away from the poor player behaviour that has troubled our volunteers and cast a shadow on Fitzroy's reputation in the past few seasons.

We are now left with a small core of our D-Grade team, consisting mainly of our older players, juniors, and part-time cricketers, for whom the limited overs format appears a more attractive proposition. For that reason, we have applied for admission into the Para Districts Cricket Association and were accepted at their Annual General Meeting last night, with a view to entering their limited overs competition.

On behalf of all at Fitzroy, and particularly Nick Raymond, I'd like to pass on our gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the ASCA competitions and all of the support the ASCA Executive and other ASCA member clubs have provided over the past five years.

Yours Sincerely,

Aaron Burgess
Fitzroy Cricket Club

2022-23 Club Report

The Flagstaff Hill Cricket Club has undoubtedly had its challenges in recent years, however the club continues to work hard to create an environment where people are happy, both on and off the field. The club started the season with two sides, however due to injuries and some unexpected circumstances we had to drop our second side. This was a difficult decision to make, and one that was not taken lightly. Our first side (Section 4) enjoyed playing some great cricket, and were competitive in every match we played. Keith Witcher was our leading run maker and best player with 256 runs and Jacob Lemon won our bowling with 17 wickets The club has some excellent young cricketers, who will help the club rebuild and become successful once more. Our club wants to play competitively and fairly and with the A grade getting the Spirit of Cricket award for Section 4 a second year running, it shows that those who play against us enjoy doing so and respect the way we go about it. The club would like to thank our outgoing President, Stephen Cope, who has put in immense amounts of time over the years, a true club legend. There are loads of positive things happening at Flaggies; everyone at the club is looking forward to a successful 2023-2024 season. Finally, the club would like to thank those at the ASCA for their efforts in helping run the league – it is greatly appreciated.

2022-23 Club Report

1.          Joining ASCA

‘Grand Masters Cricket Club Incorporated'; joined ASCA in 2021 and season 2022-23 was our second summer cricket season with ASCA and its clubs. We thank Phil Davis, Michael Young, Executive Team, and associated clubs for the guidance and support during this season.

2.          Teams

• GMCC fielded two teams for the season 2022/23

• GMCC A played in Section 5 and GMCC B played in Section 7

3.          Registrations

a) We had 30+ players registrations for the season 2022/23

b) We have new players for this season and more expressions of interest

4.          Team Performance

4.1         GMCC A:

•               Played in Section 5 - At the Toss of a Coin Cup, under the Captaincy of Deepak Kunigiri

•               With 8 wins, GMCC A finished at 2nd position in the ladder with 56 points

•               Qualified for Semi-finals, but couldn't qualify for Finals

4.2         GMCC B:

•               Played in Section 7 - Larry Collin Century 21 Cup, under the Captaincy of Vimal Venugopal

•               Played their best in many matches, but lost close matches due to inexperience

5.          Players' Performances

5.1 GMCC A:

•               Captain Deepak Kunigiri showed all round performance in this season as well, scoring 592 runs at an average of 45.54 and finished 1st in the batting top performers table for Section 5 and secured the Best Batsman trophy from ASCA. Deepak scored 1 century and 3 half-centuries. Deepak took 7 catches & 3 run outs as well in this season

•               Deepak also earned highest fielding votes in Section 5 and awarded Best Fielder award by ASCA in Section 5

•               Yash Kimmatkar took 32 wickets @10.69 and finished 1st in the bowling top performers table for Section 5 and awarded the Best Bowler trophy by ASCA

• Another bowler Smit Patil took 16 wickets @13.81 and finished at 10th position in the table

• There was an outstanding 5th wicket partnership of 120+ runs between Abhi Neog and Yask Kimmatkar in Round 10 vs Western Youth which won the match for us while chasing 218 runs in the one-day competition. Abhi scored 66 runs and Yash scored 60 and both were unbeaten.

5.2         GMCC B:

• Team Captain Vimal Venugopal received highest wicket-keeping votes

and secured the Best Wicket Keeper trophy from ASCA for Section 7

• Vimal also scored 337 runs @28.08 and stood 7th in the table of Section 7 batters.

• Benny Samuelraj secured Best Fielder award from ASCA for Section 7

6.          Club Committee

Our Club Committee consists of:

•               President - Balaji Krishnamurthy

•               Secretary - Deepak Kunigiri

•               Treasurer - Vimal Venugopal

•               Public Officer - Navdeep Kaushal

•               Two Executive members - Sudhir Manjul and Benny Samuelraj

7.          GMCC Annual Day and Award Ceremony

•               We conducted our club's 4th Annual day function on 1st April 2023 at Bonython Park

•               Phil Davis, President - ASCA, graced our club's annual day function with his presence and awarded the following best performed players

•               Best Batsman - Deepak Kunigiri (GMCC A) and Vimal Venugopal (GMCC B)

•               Best Bowler - Yash Kimmatkar (GMCC A) and Abdul Malik (GMCC B)

•               Best Fielder - Narayana Prasad (GMCC A) and Benny Samuelraj (GMCC B)

•               We introduced 2 new award categories this year - Emerging Player - Smit Patil and Most Valuable Player - Prashanth Ramanna

•               Champion Player - Deepak Kunigiri

•               All the players of the club had been given medals

2022-23 Club Report

This season we continued our growth in the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association. Section 10 and 6 were promoted, while our section 2 team elected to play in section 3. This meant we retained three senior teams to play in Sections 9, 5 and 3. Two of these sides fell short of making the finals in the final rounds of the season, while our section 3 team fell in a semi final to the eventual premiers. Alongside the Saturday competition we also fielded two sides in the T20 competition for division two and three.

The club would like to recognise the individual achievements of the following players in season 22/23.
Section 9 Fielding Award - James Kuilman 2 catches
Section 9 Bowling Award - Ash Lithgow 16 wkts @ 14.25
Section 9 Batting Award - Ash Lithgow 211 runs @ 19.18
Section 9 MVP - Ash Lithgow

Section 5 Fielding Award - Jason Dyer 9 catches and 8 stumpings
Section 5 Bowling Award - Jess Connell 14 wkts @ 15.29
Section 5 Batting Award - Michael Young 311 runs @ 23.92
Section 5 Player of the year - Michael Young
Section 5 MVP - Michael Young

Section 3 Fielding Award - Alistar Bowes 10 catches and 1 run out
Section 3 Bowling Award - Kyle Wood 26 wkts @ 12.31
Section 3 Batting Award - Andrew Twynstra 286 runs @ 31.78
Section 3 MVP - Brodie Moran

Club Champion Player - Andrew Twynstra 286 runs @31.78, 12 wkts @29.67
U21 Club Champion - Braden Drieberg 11 wkts @ 17.64 and 43 runs

2000 runs - Jake Kleeman
2000 runs - Andrew Twynstra
100 Games - Stewart Haycock
100 Games - Alistar Bowes
150 Games - Jake Kleeman
200 Games - Jason Claridge
200 Games - Ashley Lithgow

It’s important to note that our club is more than just those mentioned above, all 40 plus players who participated with us this year contributed, be it on field performances, coaching fellow teammates or volunteering in various jobs. The club is focused on ensuring the current group of players continue to believe in the fun and competitive environment that has been created over the years. We wish all other clubs a successful season 23/24

Thank you

Brodie Moran
Happy Valley Cricket Club - President

In season 2022/23 ICC Sharks fielded 4 senior teams in section 1,3,6,8. We also fielded two junior teams in SCJCA U12’s and U14’s teams.

Our A grade side (Section 1) was captained by David Sampson, finishing in 3rd and were beaten in the semi final by Sheidow Park.
Batting trophy - Michael Ledgard 482 runs.
Bowling trophy – Kelley Mckee 34 wickets.
Fielding trophy – Caleb Baldwin

Our B grade side (Section 3) was captained by Angus Lock, finishing 1st at the end of the minor round and finalised a great season with winning the Grand Final.
Batting trophy - Haimish Ferguson 235 runs.
Bowling trophy - Brayden Pansini 15 wickets.
Fielding trophy - Graham Lounder

Our C grade side (Section 6) was captained by Michael Todd, finishing 4th.
Batting trophy - Michael Todd 609 runs.
Bowling trophy - Brenton Forsyth 25 wickets.
Fielding trophy - Adam Broadbent and Kevin Croke

Our D grade side (Section 8) was captained by Jason Carne & Peter Richards, finishing 5th.
Batting trophy - Neil Johns 286 runs.
Bowling trophy - Peter Kastelyn 23 wickets.
Fielding trophy - Peter Kastelyn.

We also fielded 2 sides in the association T20 competition with our A grade side getting knocked out in the semi final in a SUPER OVER loss to the Ramblers.

Senior Cricketer of the Year – Kelley Mckee
T20 Player of the Year – Caleb Baldwin

U12’s was coached by Damien Paine. All players showed improvement throughout the season and played well. Thankyou to all parents for their support and we hope to see you all next season.

U14’s was coached by Stu Cutting. All players showed improvement throughout the season.
Batting trophy - Bailey Winter.
Bowling trophy - Dylan Baker.
Fielding trophy - Cooper Barnes and Christpoher Kent.
The Sammy D junior cricketer of the year - Bailey Winter

A massive thanks goes to our Junior Co-Ordinator Damien Paine. Damien does a huge body of work with the support of his partner and a few parents. The junior programme is run very well, with great communication and all the players thoroughly enjoy playing together. As a club we are looking forward to these players staying together into the future.

Another enjoyable and successful year. A massive thanks goes to the committee for putting in all the work behind the scenes to allow our club to grow and develop into what we are.

Lastly, we would not be in this current position of strength as a club without the amazing support from our loyal sponsors;

Platinum Partner - The Aussie Inn

Gold Sponsors;

Century 21 Southern
Morphett Vale Butcher
Signarama Hindmarsh

Silver Sponsors;

Champions Takeaway
Inflatable World Morphett Vale

Looking forward to season 23/24


Michael Ledgard - President

2022-23 Club Report

The season for all 3 teams could be well summarized by the statement
“We could have been Champions”

Kenilworth Cricket Club fielded 3 teams in the Adelaide & Suburban Cricket Association for Season 2022/23
in Divisions 4, 6 & 7.

Although we had a successful minor round with our 3 teams finishing 2nd, 2nd & 4th respectively, we then had a disappointing finals series with our first 2 teams being knocked out in their semi-finals and both finishing 3rd.
Our 3rd team performed above expectations and did an excellent job to reach the Grand Final where they were in a winning position after Day 1. Unfortunately rain washed out Day 2 thus denying us a premiership which was awarded to the higher placed team at the end of the minor round.

(NB Comprehensive full report to come)

2022-23 Club Report

Keswick’s season began with a tremendous celebration of our club’s 80th year, with a dinner at Adelaide Oval. All those who attended were treated to a special night, which included members selected into “best of” teams covering the clubs 80-year history.
The committee consisted of Dr John Miller as President, Brad Williamson, Secretary, Liz MacKay as assistant secretary, Grant Murphy as treasurer, Dave Curyer (Vice President), Ross Ormsby (Junior Coordinator), and general committee of Russell Curyer, Tony Forde, Kirrily Burton, Stevie Wong and Harsh Joshi.

Our major sponsors were the Morphett Arms Hotel, Guardian Interlock, Structurally Sound Engineering, Ray White Henley Beach, Pride Business Solutions, Australian Radiology Clinics, High Voltage Contracting, RDM, Liam Harris Electrical Solutions, Desyn Home Pools, Kirra Consulting, DC Fencing Construction and Air Joinery.

Keswick on the field this year had a poor year. We nominated four sides, struggled to fill them, and reduced the number of sides to three. Both the B’s and Cs only won one game out of the 14 for the year and the A’s struggled with consistency and if not for an outright may have also faced relegation. Unfortunately, the T20 side did not perform much better.

On a positive, the juniors went from strength to strength and continued to grow and be a beacon of what Keswick has to offer. Ross does a fantastic job all year round ensuring the juniors are envied by other clubs in Adelaide & Suburban. His passion for the juniors is unmatched in the competition and he has now increased the juniors to 10 sides with his dream of finally getting an under 16’s team off the ground. It was a great reward for him to finally have some silverware with the under 14 T20 side winning the premiership. Ross received a much-deserved recognition with all his work with a nomination for volunteer of the year at the SACA awards.

The A’s were again captained by Nick Cruise and managed just four wins to finish fifth in a disappointing year. Daljeet Singh won the batting with 224 runs, while Hardeep Saggu and Daniel Pedlar tied for the bowling with 32 wickets each.
The bowling was the strength of the A’s with notable performances during the year from Dan Pedler 5/18 V’s ICC Sharks, Russell Curyer 5/11 V’s Cove and Nick Cruise 5/8 V’s Plympton. Steve McRae also scored his first Keswick A Grade century with 108 V’s Cove.
Hardeep Saggu won the fielding and for an outstanding year won the A Grade player of the year winning the Barry Kearsley trophy.
Scott Curyer captained the T20 for the tenth time. We won 1 out of 3 games mainly due to being undermanned at times. Russell Curyer dominated with both bat, ball, and was awarded Keswick T20 player of the year and the inaugural Association T20 player of the year.

The B grade had a tough year, having Scott Curyer appointed as captain only to have him play in the A’s. This created a lot of instability with multiple people captaining during the year. Brad Williamson with 346 runs won the batting and the bowling went to Greg Morris with 16 wickets. David Vale won the fielding. Daniel Nelson scored 100* Vs Fitzroy and Ross Ormsby took 6/32 V’s Ceylon Strikers.

Shaun Hansen captained the C’s. Shaun Hansen won the batting with 313 runs and the bowling with 36 wickets. He also won the association division 6 bowling. Elly Brake won the fielding. Simon Morris made 106 Vs South Park and 103 V’s Adelaide Lutheran. Shaun Hansen took 6/45 Vs ICC Sharks & 6/73 Vs Kenilworth.

Young player Griffin Robinson won Coretti under 21 – Player of the Year and The Brian Part Club Person Award went to Liz Mackay.
Shaun Hansen won the JJ Heptinstall Trophy for best player.
Keswick proudly had three association representatives with Russell Curyer (Captain), Daljeet Singh, Hardeep Saggu.
Congratulations to Wade Matthews for 2000 runs and Ross Ormsby on reaching 5000. Khim Tew also took 100 wickets and Aman Singh took 200 wickets.
David Curyer played 50 games, James Clarke, 150 games, Darren Ridings, 200 games and Simon Morris 300 games.

Life membership was awarded to Guy Hobbs – Michael Bradbrook – Darren Ridings and Scott Curyer for their outstanding services to Keswick.

After 18 years and after serving as Keswick’s longest President, Doctor John Miller has decided to stand down as the club’s President. Over his time as President, he has seen 10 premierships, 2 of them A Grade, two T20 premierships and the club grow from strength to strength on and off the field. He has been more than a President becoming friends and mentors with many of the newer players and existing players. Doctor John has been at the club for almost 50 years, debuting in 1975/76, while juggling University and cricket. Doctor John was awarded life membership in 2002/03 and became President near the end of his playing days. Doctor John had a very successful on field career with Keswick. He played 323 games, took 25 wickets, including a hat trick and made 5525 runs. He also won a JJ Hep back in 83/84. His major success was in premierships, having won the equal most as a player (8) and having captained the most, 5. We thank him for his brilliant service and commitment to Keswick and welcome in a new era with Ross Ormsby as the new President.

2022-23 Club Report

A Grade were captained by Josh May and placed 6th after stepping up to Section 2, with four wins. The A’s matches were often close, but they couldn’t quite finish off much of their hard work. Still, they are a predominantly young side with much to look forward to. Jarrod Ross led the run scorers with 315 @ 22.5, with Shaun Hollis close behind on 297 @ 21.25, Josh May 247 @ 22.5 and Josh Aulert returned after a late start to the summer to score 224 @ 44.8. Matt Aylmore and Mav Abbott finished equal first with 23 wickets, whilst evergreen Justin Smoker rejoined the A Grade to grab 18 wickets @ 15.16.

One of the highlights of the A Grade campaign was veteran Shaun Hollis passing Darren Adams’s A Grade runs record; also, Brayden Vasey was a worthy winner of the Section 2 wicket keeper of the year.

B Grade were captained for the first time by Connor Sampson. After a tough start, they came home with a flurry to finish fifth in Section 6, with a 5-8 record, though still ten points outside of finals. Club President PJ Scott led in the runs department with 336 @ 25.8, followed by Raman Singh with 223 @ 17.2. Connor himself won the wickets with 17 @ 13.4, with Kyle Hanegraaf and Jackson Doherty taking 14 apiece.

C’s were led again by Tim Harris and finished fourth in Section 8 with a 10-3 record in a very tight finals group. They were bested in a hard fought semi final by eventual champions North Haven. Harris led the runs for the team and the division, with 456 at 41.2, featuring a century versus Morphettville Park. Jamie Domergue scored 327 @ 65.4 with four 50s, Keegan Catford 281 @ 25.5 and Darren Siwes 236 @ 118, with a blistering 148 not out vs Glenelg ANA. Catford led the bowling pack with 20 wickets @ 13.9, Peter Moyle came back from a horrendous injury mid-season and took 15 wickets, as did the reliable Jimmy Zoldi, who often bowled beautifully but without luck. Peter took the team’s only five wicket haul, 5/16 vs Southern. Aaron Cox returned after the previous season’s injury and finished equal first for Section 8 in the fielding trophy.

The D Grade were the toast of the Club, premiers in Section 9, after heart stopping semi and grand finals. Roger Ross took over captaincy duties after Steve Sampson stepped out due to injury. The team finished second with a 9-2 record and also a tie. The Lions defeated Coromandel Ramblers in the semi final, defending just 84. Richu Thomas led the fight with the ball as they dismissed their opponents for 62, taking 4/18 and Todd May 3/9. With top of the table Port Noarlunga knocked out, the D’s played the grand final at home versus Coromandel and bowled them out for just 60, however, runs on the board will always be runs on the board in a final, and the score was eventually passed with six wickets lost. Again, Richu Thomas (4/9) and Todd May (4/28) were the leading bowlers for the game. Roger led the run scorers from the front with 326 @ 32.6, Todd May 292 @ 41.7 and Richu Thomas 214 @ 23.8. Todd May also topped the bowling with 24 wickets @ 8.1, Alan Prakkat 15 @ 10.5, and Richu and veteran Mal Stewart took 14 each.

As ever, one of the toughest jobs in the Club quite often falls to the captain of the lowest squad. Brett Lithgow did a great job leading the E Grade, which despite constantly losing players to upper grades, always fielded teams and came up with a number of highlights of their own, finishing fifth out of a field of six in Section 10 with four wins. The E’s often featured MPCC junior male and female players who jumped at the opportunity to play senior cricket on Saturday afternoons, and much credit has to go to the committee and selection crew, who were able to fill the teams under pressure so often. Josh Aulert led the team in runs with 141 for once out, as he tested his knee on his return from injury before returning to higher grades. Mike Williams led the bowlers with 11 wickets @ 15.7. In Round 6, Josh and Nathan Holmes put on an unbeaten 110 opening stand in the second innings against a Warradale outfit which had put the team to the sword in the first dig; another highlight was the Lions’ 10 wicket win vs Morphettville Park at Brighton Primary, where Morphies’ 6/243 was chased down by an amazing opening stand of 255 by Ben Sowinski (109*) and Dylan Gerner (118*) in just 26 overs. The blazing opening partnership was a Mitchell Park all time 1st wicket record across all grades and sections.

Connor Sampson also led the T20 B Grade team in Division 3 of the competition, leading them to the grand final, which was lost to Fitzroy in the rain.

Our girls Under 18 team won another premiership under the coaching of PJ Scott, winning the competition grand final held at Adelaide Oval, completing an amazing couple of years for them. In the final, they defeated Marion by four wickets, led primarily by Elizabeth Johnson’s unbeaten 38 and contributions of 19 not out from Mel Anderson and 14 not out from Vidhi Parikh. Mel led the run scorers for the summer with 240 runs @ 48 and 12 wickets @ 12.7, while Elizabeth scored 124 runs for the season for only once out and Lilly Woods took 10 wickets @ 10.4.

Nathan Holmes and Connor Sampson coached the boys under age squads and did a wonderful job, and the Club thanks them for their efforts.

A full house attended the MPCC awards night, seeing Maverick Abbott win the Allan Sutherland trophy for player of the year; Todd May won the Darryl Reynolds all rounder trophy; Brayden Vasey was the Max Thomas wicket keeper of the year; Raman Singh was the T20 player of the year; Matthew Aylmore was the junior cricketer of the year; and Aaron Cox won the Mark Sansome fielding trophy.

Peter Moyle, Todd May and Ryan Manser were awarded Life Membership of Mitchell Park Cricket Club, having all contributed heavily to the Club over a number of years as players and committee members.

President PJ Scott and the committee are to be commended on their huge effort running and directing the Club through another successful season, with hopefully more success to come.

2022/23 Club Report

Morphett Vale Cricket Club had a difficult season beginning with 2 sides in sections 5 and 10. However we unfortunately had to pull the section 10 team due to a number of players becoming unavailable due to work and life commitments.

Our section 5 side started with a promising win however struggled for the remainder of the season with limited numbers regularly available. Morphett Vale thank those players who were frequently available, going above and beyond to make sure a full side was on the field week in, week out.

Morphett Vale also wish to extend their gratitude and appreciation to the Cove and Flagstaff Hill Cricket Clubs respectively for allowing us to use their grounds while Morphett Vale Oval was undergoing construction work. Thank you to ICC Sharks for allowing us to borrow the pitch matting while we were playing games relocated home matches.

We look forward to a bigger and better year this coming season hopefully returning to the finals and getting regular numbers each week.

2022/23 Club Report

Reducing to five sides for season 2022-23 still required 93 players who produced four finalists and two grand finalists, both of whom were unfortunately thwarted by rain. The addition of some strategic recruits together with continued input from younger players, improved all grades at Morphettville Park and allowed some senior players to drop a grade. The A-grade’s two losses were to the eventual premier. In the grand final they kept Port Noarlunga to a modest total, however persistent rain on the second day prevented play with the match ending as a draw and Port Noarlunga taking the title. Finalists since 2016-17, our A-grade are overdue to go one better next season. The Bs in Section 3 started slowly and were dominating toward the end of the season with a streak of seven wins, before losing their last two matches to the eventual grand finalists, and dropping to third. Our Cs looked finals bound until they also lost their last two matches, finishing a creditable sixth. Section 8’s finalists were evenly matched with our Ds, who won ten matches, missing top spot by percentage. Despite being 25 runs from victory in the grand final, persistent showers caused play to be abandoned. In a season riddled with forfeits the Es gave the eventual premier a close tussle in their semi-final to finish fourth. They did win ASCA’s Spirit of Cricket award for Section Ten. Notwithstanding having four finalists, a decade has passed without Morphettville Park celebrating a flag. Indications from this season are that that will change in 2023-24.
Morphettville Park-St Marks delayed centenary dinner was held in August at Glenelg Golf Club with many former players in attendance. While reminiscing was a common theme, the formalities hosted by MC Tom Rehn included interviews with long serving players and the announcement of the A-grade Team of the Century: Graham Tuohy - Vice Captain, Pat Ryan, Ray Lee, Kieth Cochrane, Shane Pitt, Rod George, Jim Coulls - Captain and wicket-keeper, Brian Sexton, Danny Miller, Herb Cochrane, Harold McAllister, 12th Peter Thomas, 13th Bharat Roocke, with many unlucky quality players just missing out. The club also inaugurated a Hall of Fame with the first inductees being our two longest serving players, batsmen Jack Voyzey and Geoff George. Sales of Centenary wine and Team of the Century Port provided suitable mementos.
Opening batsman Mat Crawford took the reins as the new A-grade captain. Fellow opener Dan Voyzey won his third consecutive batting trophy with 488 runs that included four fifties, this time tieing with stylish left-hander Matt Taylor who had five fifties, including the season’s high of 99. Following them were Crawford with 220 blistering runs and Belair recruit Don Caruso 230 runs plus 15 catches, to be runner-up for ASCA’s Section 2 wicket-keeping trophy. Dependable Mark Nurney scored 225 runs, with support coming from Scott Paterson with 218 that included his 5000th run in his 250th game. Alex Tunney scored 116 runs and also won ASCA’s Section 2 fielding trophy. The best partnership was 110 by Taylor and Voyzey for the first wicket. Voyzey also won ASCA’s Section 2 best player award: the Zadow Medal. Our only other medal winner is Michael Thomas who won Section 1’s Hewett Medal in 2005-06.
With 39 wickets, opening bowler Aaron Fishwick won his fourth bowling trophy and ASCA’s Section 2 bowling trophy. Runner-up was spinner Dan Voyzey with 25 wickets that included the best innings haul of 5/32. In another solid season, last season’s winner Matt Tansell took 24 wickets. The allrounders proved their usefulness: Mat Wolfenden with 22 wickets plus 155 runs and Bharat Roocke 14 wickets, 124 runs and ten catches. Kyle Mitchell contributed a useful 11 wickets.
With the A-grade wanting to concentrate on winning Section 2 Morphettville Park only fielded a Twenty20 second eleven that played in Division 3 of ASCA’s T20 competition. It was a youngish side comprising players more attuned to that style of cricket than most senior players. Unfortunately, their Division 3 pool contained both eventual grand finalists, which is probably why they won only one game finishing third in that group. Kane Landorf and Michael Smith shared the captaincy with the best players being Matt Scott, batting; Jordan Ritter, bowling and Landorf the leading allrounder.
Our Bs in Section 3 finished third. They lost round 14 to the eventual premier by an over, then lost their semi-final to the runner-up that they had soundly beaten a month before. They were capably led by Kev Brokensha who had his best season for the club with 575 runs that included two 109s. This is the second highest aggregate in 58 B-grade seasons, just behind Jason Crisp’s 600 in 1994-95. Kev shared several big partnerships with opening partner Daniel Florance the best being a new B-grade first-wicket record of 218. Flo scored 489 with a best of 98. Matt Scott again scored well belting 241 runs. Other strong contributors were Kane Landorf 215 runs, Mark Voyzey 185, Michael Smith 148 and from limited appearances, Alex Tunney 137.
There was good depth to the bowling. Spinner Jordan Ritter won his first bowling trophy with 27 wickets that included the season’s best of 6/27 at a very good average of 12. Reliable medium-fast youngsters, Aidan Walsh who snared 18 wickets, Ethan Jones 15 and Jacob Fishwick 14 all showed great promise for the future. Part-time contributions came from Brokensha 12 and Bharat Roocke 11. The fielding trophy was a three-way tie between Scott, Ritter and Brokensha.
Travis Hebbard’s C-grade had five wins and a tie, but had only one victory against the top four sides. Hebbard led the batting with 426 runs that included the season’s best of 92. Three-time winner Daniel Munro continued producing runs with 294 and 12 catches, to be runner-up for the Section 6 wicket-keeping trophy. Anosh Vakeel 216 and Kym Woodward 176 added stability, while allrounders Wes Trebilcock 158 plus ten wickets, and Prashant Sharma with 111 and 14 wickets, provided good support. Dean Ratcliff also passed the century with 101. Woodward and Vakeel shared the season’s best partnership with 101 for the second wicket.
While a tight finish, the bowling trophy saw the lowest aggregate for 19 seasons with paceman Chris Lamb’s 15 wickets beating spinner Prashant Sharma’s 14 and from only half a season spinner Ben Webb took 13 that included the season’s best of 7/19. Trebilcock captured 10.
A close finish for the D-grade batting trophy saw captain Ben Porter win his first batting trophy with 230 runs. Ben also took 14 catches and won ASCA’s Section 8 wicket-keeping trophy. Jason Crisp was close behind with 219 runs while Chris Spehr scored 211 from a half season. Newcomer Jagjit Ghotra provided 190 useful runs with Michael Barnett contributing 155. Allrounders Heath Culliver 138 and Jordan Porter 135 added to the batting depth. From one match Dylan Johns produced the season’s top score of 96 not out, sharing with Brenton Crosby a D-grade record eighth wicket partnership, an undefeated 114 runs.
Taking 23 wickets leg-spinner Jason Crisp won his fourth D-grade bowling trophy, from Jordan Porter’s 21 which included the club’s best of 7/15. Jordan also won the fielding trophy. Spinner Jagjit and medium pacer Heath both took 13 wickets, while Pierson Roach 11 and Chris King 10 provided useful support.
Our E-grade’s season in Section 10 was disrupted by other teams withdrawing, forfeits, a program rearrangement mid-season to minimize byes, plus a washout. Receiving four forfeits, they only played ten games for three wins and a draw. Making the finals was a bonus and to push the eventual premier to within four overs and four wickets of defeat in their semi-final was a creditable effort. The batting was led by post-Christmas fill-ins Billy Rowswell with 297 runs that included the equal sixth highest score for the club of 173 and Ross Brokensha who made 131 runs including an innings of 123. Behind them were Alex McGuiness with 127, Lenny Gagliardi 104, captain Andrew Jones 103 and Matt Muldoon, with 102. Muldoon also won the fielding trophy. Only two bowlers got to double figures: Dylan Conroy winning with 12 wickets including the season best of 6/26 and Lenny Gagliardi with ten. Support came from Jason Conroy, Matt Muldoon and Alex McGuiness. Liam Tucker took six catches. One highlight was ten-year-old Josh Muldoon becoming the club’s youngest ever wicket taker. Billy Rowswell and Mark Simons shared a club record second-wicket partnership of 229 against Mitchell Park. Morphettville Park has now had thirteen 200+ partnerships, Florence and Simons have featured in three, whilst Rowswell has shared two.
9000 Runs: Jason Crisp. 5000 Runs: Scott Paterson.
4000 Runs: Kev Brokensha 2000 Runs: Ross Brokensha, Mark Simons, Dan Voyzey.
1000 Runs: Kane Landorf. 200 Games: Daniel Monro.
400 Wickets: Michael Barnett. 200 Wickets: Aaron Fishwick, Kane Landorf.
A: Dan Voyzey B: Kev Brokensha C: Travis Hebbard D: Jagjit Ghotra E: Lenny Gagliardi.
Cricketer of the Year: Kev Brokensha. Geoff George Club Person of the Year: Peter Roach
Best boomerang thrower: Mat Wolfenden
Life Membership was bestowed on Sheila Paterson for her lengthy behind the scenes service to the club. Especially, her tireless work with afternoon teas, selling raffles and even ironing logos on playing shirts. Sheila joins Nat Coulls, Brenda Tuohy and Julie George as the fourth female life member among our 46 life members.
Morphettville Park’s extensive junior program continued its productive and successful path. Two under 10 sides were coordinated by Jacob Fishwick, Mark Voyzey, Dean Ratcliff, Benny Samuelraj, Chris von der Borch. Jason Crisp ran the under-12s while Chris Spehr and Damian Carlson organised the under14s. Chris King supervised the under-15 girls. Overall coordination came from Peter Roach. The Roo Squad continued to enjoy cricket matches this season with Dylan and Jason Conroy overseeing them. Our junior program is a big part of why we fielded five complete senior sides in each match this season. Several of those senior players were parents, which highlights Morphettville Park’s “family-club” atmosphere.
The senior committee of Scott Paterson, Sandra Brokensha and Mark Voyzey continued as President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively, with a committee that incorporated a few new members. All had a larger job than normal with the increased workload caused by the Centenary function. Live -scoring was minimized, as well as user-unfriendly recording of match details being more difficult due to PlayHQ’s inadequacies, which hopefully will be rectified for next season. SMS and social media were utilized to convey match situations amongst club members. Financial help came from our sponsors: Commercial Finance Australia; Cowan Restoration Services; Samios Plumbing Systems; Morphettville IGA; Bayside Bakery; Newmarket Ingredients; Smart Conveyancing; Geoff George: VIP Lawns and Gardens; Southern Cross Meats; Brush Hair Salon and Atlanta Oysters and Seafood.
Although there were many positive signs across the club, especially having four finalists and two thwarted grand finalists, our premiership drought continues. More quality young players are competing in our higher grades and many new players arrived. Morphettville Park will probably play in the same Sections next season. We are well-run administratively, sound financially, have quality practice facilities and oval, new clubrooms, good minor grounds and positive cricketers. Those cricketers producing their best should anticipate being part of a five side finals campaign in 2023-24 that produces multiple flags.

2022-23 Club Report

North Haven Cricket Club entered our 45th season with teams in sections 2, 4 & 8. Our C grade dropped down 2 sections after being asked to by the association.
Our A grade entered this season with high hopes after a good past 2 seasons. Some former players had returned improving the side and hopefully putting them in the window for a premiership. The A grade Captain Aiden Hinsley had an outstanding start to the year with the bat scoring two hundreds and a 97* with an impressive total of 453 runs at an average of 64 at the mid-season break. Jake Finch had a great return to the club taking 29 wickets @ 16.59. These performances along with many contributions throughout the year ultimately landed the A grade finishing 3rd on the ladder, being the best of the rest behind the two outstanding teams in the section.
The B grade was to be captained by Michael Noack and after an amazing finish to last season with our B grade winning the section 5 premiership on a tie, we were excited to see what they could do in section 4. Unfortunately, for some unforeseen circumstances the B grade struggled a bit with a revolving door of players and could never get a settled side together. They were in contention to make the finals in the final round but unfortunately it didn’t quite work out. The B grade lacked in the batting department all year with Adam Hocking taking out the batting trophy with 289 runs @ 48.17 from 9 innings, the bowling department was the shining light with a few people contributing well all season. Jay Penberthy took out the bowling with 19 wickets @ 10.58, the top 6 wicket takers in order of total wickets were 19, 18, 16, 15, 14 & 13.
The C grade were looking to bounce back after a disappointing season where we finished equal bottom of section 6. Greg Cappelluti took the reins again with his lieutenant Scott Mitchell being by his side. We had a slow start to the season after 5 rounds or 8 days of cricket we had played 3.5 days. As a team we were confident we could get into a groove and play at the level required. Entering the final round, the top 4 was set but all positions were up for grabs. We finished top and played the Semi Final against Mitchell Park at home. It was a hard-fought game with Mitchell Park not willing to give up, but we eventually got over the line with a 4-wicket win. The GF was perfectly set with a matchup against Morphettville Park, a club that for years we have had good battles against and knew they would be tough competition. Unfortunately, we lost the toss and we were asked to bat. Morphettville bowled tight and eventually bowled us out for 100 in 48 overs. We had 10 overs at Morphettville to make amends and overnight had them 4/21, the first over of day 2 we took another wicket and had them 5/21 looking down the barrel of an amazing bowling effort, the weather came and interrupted play a few times during the day. Morphettville got to 5/75 before there was just too much rain and had become unsafe for our bowlers and the match ended in a draw and another premiership for North Haven. The C grade just like the B grade shared the wickets around and no one being a real standout, Chris Buttler ended up taking out the bowling and batting for the C grade with 18 wickets @ 10.39 and 366 runs @ 40.67.
Our juniors program grew from 1 team last year to 5 this year. We had a junior blaster, U10 boys, U12 girls, U14 boys and U16 boys. It was great to have some juniors around the club again. Our focus for the juniors is not success but for them to have fun and be involved in the club as much as possible. Our junior program has been lacking for several years and as a club we are really focusing on that being a focal point. Quite a few of our current younger senior players have come from our successful junior programs. Last season two of those players were made life members showing the dedication that can come from being a one club player from juniors to seniors.
Overall, the club saw the year as a success with all 3 teams being competitive in their sections and a premiership. Hopefully next season can see us go back to 4 teams with a lot of interest for another team.

Bradley Brame
North Haven Cricket Club

2022-23 Club Report

It's fair to say Phantoms Cricket had a mixed season in 2022/23. Our A grade was competitive, with several close games against teams in the top 4, but also inconsistent with a few too many tough losses. Our B grade were in the top 4 for much of the season, playing some very good cricket, only to go down in the semi final against Kenilworth. And our C grade had an up and down, but importantly enjoyable season. We introduced Frogbox to most of our home games, and a few away games, something which our members, particularly those interstate or overseas, greatly enjoyed being able to be a part of our games.

Special mentions go to Adrian Pope, who scored an impressive 485 for the season in section 2, including an amazing 93 not out against Sheidow Park on a very hot one dayer, Simon Krieg with 295, new comer Jay Westcar with 20 wickets, and to Max Kumar who scored 414, including an impressive 80 against Grand Masters and 15 wickets, in section 8.

A big thank you to our team captains in Simon Krieg, Simon Thilthorpe & Brad MacDonald, and Jordan Davies. Your tireless efforts on and off the field are greatly appreciated. And also thank you to our club members, sponsors and volunteers, who help make the Phantoms a great place to play cricket. Special mention to James Dyson, who departed the club after serving as president for the past 3 seasons.

2022/23 Club Report

A Grade (Section 1)

Ross Moore took lead of a youthful A grade. Despite only winning 3 games they competed hard and found themselves regularly in winnable positions.

With expected improvement in the juniors, the club hopes to see more section 1 wins next season.

Best with the bat was Jake McCann with 337 runs followed by Calum Oko with 256.

Best with the ball was Ross Moore with 16 wickets followed by Taylan Ryan with 13.

B Grade (Section 4)

Our B Grade was led by Justin Skinner and proved very competitive again winning 8 minor round matches.

They met the dominant team of the competition (St Johns OS) in the semi-final and gave themselves a great chance by bowling St Johns out for 175. Unfortunately, they were unable to make the runs to progress through to the GF.

Best with the bat was Adrian Foote with 344 runs followed by Aaron McCrea with 273.

Best with the ball was Justin Skinner with 39 wickets followed by Jonathon Maddigan with 23.

C Grade (Section 8)

Neil Tredwell & Jason Murnane took charge of the constantly changing C grade. Despite only winning 3 games they regularly found themselves in a winning position.

Best with the bat was Simon Tregenza with 239 runs.

Best with the ball was Caleb Tregenza with 15 wickets.


The cricket club ran a strong junior program again in 2022-23 with 10 junior teams. We look forward to seeing these juniors come through and strengthen the senior ranks in the coming years.


We are very appreciative to have had the support of these sponsors throughout the year: National Property Buyers, Richardson Facilities Maintenance, Crowies Paints, Sublime Coffee, Stagg Fine Food & The Hwy Hotel.

We wish everyone the best of luck for the upcoming season!

2022/23 Club Report

What a season for the White Pointers: 4 teams, 4 final appearances, 2 premierships!

Club Person of the Year: Russell Jackson, Chris Smith, Tim Vermeer (3-way-tie)
Life Membership: David Dicicco, Samantha Dicicco, Dennis Kennedy, Dominic Lagana, Matthew Ray

Senior Cricketer of the Year: Luke Goldner
Senior Club Batting: Scott Houston
Senior Club Bowling: Luke Goldner

Section 2
Mick Fitzgerald Medal: Luke Goldner
Best Team Man: Leon Hanson
Captain: Mitchell Bennie
It was a very successful premiership year for our A Grade team with a season-long camaraderie and team performance. The team was quite stable with few changes each week resulting in a ‘play for all’ attitude which spoke volumes during the finals. When a teammate wasn’t having the best game there was always someone to step up and do what was required.
Batting: Scott Houston 451 runs @ 41.09; Bowling: Luke Goldner 31 wickets @ 10.43; Fielding: Jospeh Butterworth 22 catches.

Section 5
Mal Politt Medal: Jared Rogers
Best Team Man: Troy Johnson
Captain: Jared Rogers
B Grade started the season with a first game thrilling win by just 3 runs. The team was then impacted for many weeks with injuries and unavailability resulting in 28 players cycling through the line-up. But everything seemed to come together from early February with a stable side, injected with some much need youth, gelling for 4 straight wins to storm into the finals. A premiership trophy: reward for great tenacity and effort for the PNCC B Grade.
Batting: Jared Rogers 267 runs @ 22.25; Bowling: Kobe Mott 28 wickets @ 13.96; Fielding: Daniel Farrugia 24 catches.

Section 9
Steve Holst Medal: Zeb Sinclair & Thomson Carroll
Best Team Man: Hamish Goss
Captain: Brad Carroll
A difficult end to a fabulous season for our C Grade team. This team of young players in their first season of senior cricket showed great potential and the team went through the entire regular season undefeated. Unfortunately, a loss in the semi final ended their season a week earlier than they hoped but a great entrée to senior cricket for many of the PNCC’s future.
Batting: Zeb Sinclair 306 runs @ 43.71; Bowling: Thomson Carroll 25 wickets @ 16.36; Fielding: Oliver Goss 15 catches.

Section 10
Tony Williams Medal: Dan Ager
Best Team Man: Michael Patterson
Captain: Michael Mott
A team of PNCC’s finest showed that playing cricket could be both competitive and fun. Making it to the finals was no mean feat for this side with any club’s lowest team always faring the hardest to fill with players being moved up to cover availability and then match-day changes. A credit to our captain Michael Mott for keeping the wheels on his great side. Unfortunately, the finals ended at the semi but a few standout performances and new friendships has resulted in this group planning to play on in 2023/24.
Batting: Dennis Kennedy 248 runs @ 31.00; Bowling: Dan Ager 24 wickets @ 11.33; Fielding: Dan Ager.

2022-23 Club Report

The St John’s Old Scholars Cricket Club participated in our second season in 2022/23, and we had one team in the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association (ASCA). It was a very successful season for the club filled with many great achievements. Our team progressed to Section 4 after impressing the Association with our efforts playing in Section 5 during our inaugural season in 2021/22. In August 2022, we gained our first club sponsor with the Belair Hotel, where we hold all our club events. We also had 8 debutants throughout the season after being challenged with insufficient numbers on several occasions, but the club’s playing group has grown and strengthened as a result. Best of all, we were able to win the Section 4 premiership in only our second season as a club – a massive accomplishment that topped off our successful season.

Out of the 14 minor rounds, we won 10 games and lost 3 games, with one game being abandoned due to rain. There were plenty of highlights throughout the regular season; one of these was Round 3 against Sheidow Park III. After being sent into bat, our openers, Oliver Styles and Sam Francis, were relentless from ball one. The boundaries were flowing all afternoon and the pair batted together for 42 overs, putting on an opening stand of 236 runs. Styles finished on 121 and Francis finished on 120. This was an outstanding achievement and became the highest partnership in the club’s short history. Unfortunately, our middle and lower order couldn’t contribute anywhere near as many runs as our openers, putting on a combined 56 runs off the bat. We finished on a great total of 317 before being bowled out in 59.3 overs. The following week, we had an early start with the ball, taking the first wicket in the 3rd over after 14 runs from the opposition. Sheidow Park batted slowly and got to 4/73 before we cleaned up the tail, taking the last 6 wickets in the space of 11 runs. This was thanks to Sam Tonkin, who finished with figures of 5/32 off 10.3 overs. We bowled Sheidow Park out for 84 and won by 233 runs: the largest winning margin in club history. Another highlight throughout the season was Round 11 against South Road. After losing the toss and being sent into field, it took 6 overs before we took the first wicket at the 25-run mark. From there, the wickets fell consistently until we had them bowled out for 108 in 34 overs. We had 24 overs to face before stumps on the first day, but only batted through 19.5 of them due to rain late in the evening. However, we had already passed South Road’s first innings score and were 3/112 at stumps. On day 2, we had a middle order collapse and managed to lose 6 wickets in the space of 38 runs, putting us at 9/155 with a 47-run lead. Luckily, our number 10 and 11 put on a 47-run partnership for the 10th wicket, and we were bowled out for 202. With a 94-run lead, we sent South Road back out to bat with the goal of an outright win. Our bowlers made light work of South Road’s line-up and put on a clinic with the ball. We bowled out South Road for 63 in 23.3 overs to achieve the outright win – the 2nd lowest opposition total in our club’s history. Our opening bowler, Angus Keates, managed to get his name in the record books, being the first bowler to take 10 wickets in a match for the club: he took 4/38 off 15 overs in the first innings, and 6/22 off 12 overs in the second innings – a very well-deserved accomplishment.
The finals provided 2 of the most exciting games that we played all season. In the Semi-Final, we were up against Plympton Footballers at home. After losing the toss and being sent into bat, our openers got off to a good start early, putting on a 39-run partnership in 10 overs before the first wicket fell. After a 24-run partnership for the 2nd wicket, we were 2/63. However, we had a middle order collapse and lost 4/10 in 7 overs, putting us at 5/73 after 29 overs. Luckily, a 6th wicket partnership of 30 runs from Sam Tonkin and Angus Keates managed to get us out of trouble, and a vital 10th wicket partnership of 52 runs from Nik Gacic and Luke Warburton brought us to a very defendable total of 175. The next day we had an early impact, taking the first wicket in the 4th over, putting Plympton at 1/15. We had to work hard for our second wicket, but after another 33 runs from the opposition, we made the next breakthrough in the 15th over. It got to drinks, and we had Plympton at 2/56. After we took to the field again, we bowled the best we had bowled all season. Our bowlers were ruthless, taking an astonishing 8/18 in 19 overs to have Plympton all out for 74. Oliver Styles was the pick of the bowlers, taking very impressive figures of 6/13 off 14 overs. In the Grand Final, we were at home against Southern Serpents. After winning the toss and bowling, we made the first breakthrough in the 7th over, and Southern were 1/14. This was followed by another 2 quick wickets, bringing the score to 3/26 – all 3 wickets going to our opening bowler, Patrick Douglas. From then on, we took advantage of the momentum we had gained and caused carnage within the Southern Serpents line-up. Sam Tonkin came on to bowl and took 3 wickets in the space of 1 run, and Oliver Styles cleaned up the tail with 3 wickets too. We bowled Southern out for 77 after 37.3 overs. Unfortunately, the start of our run-chase was a nightmare. We lost our top 3 batsmen for 5 runs inside 7 overs and conceded a 5-run penalty, so we were 3/5 chasing 82. Luckily, Nik Gacic and Tate Steele managed to settle the ship and get us through to stumps, where we finished on 3/15. It was raining all night before day 2, and when we got to Gums Oval, the pitch was very slippery, causing the ball to skid-on significantly. Nevertheless, we went back out to bat, but lost a wicket early, putting us at 4/16. Fortunately, Tate Steele and Sam Tonkin put on a game-winning 5th wicket partnership of 44 runs, bringing the score to 5/60. With only 23 runs to win, we took our time and eventually got over the line after 39.5 overs, 6 wickets down.

Throughout the season, we made some very impressive individual and team achievements, leading to many club records being broken. Our team contributed to 6 centuries and 11 half-centuries: the highest individual score was achieved by Oliver Styles with 172 against Kenilworth in Round 12. There were also 8 five-wicket hauls and 1 ten-wicket match throughout the season, with best figures going to Nik Gacic, who took 7/44 off 15 overs against Flagstaff Hill in Round 4. In Round 12, we made the highest team total in the club’s history, hitting 374 runs off 58.3 overs, and in Round 5, we bowled out Plympton for 61 – the lowest opposition total in the club’s history.

We would like to thank Phil Davis, Michael Young, and the rest of the executive for their hard work throughout the season. We would also like to thank the Belair Hotel for their generosity as a club sponsor. We are very proud of the achievements we have already made as a club and hope to keep it up throughout the next few seasons. We are very excited for what season 2023/24 will bring.

2022/23 Season Results:
R1: St John’s OS 4/193 def. Kenilworth 9/192
R2: South Road 9/131 def. St John’s OS 7/125
R3: St John’s OS 317 def. Sheidow Park III 84
R4: St John’s OS 2/19 drew w/ Flagstaff Hill 130 (match abandoned)
R5: St John’s OS 155 def. Plympton Footballers II 61
R6: St John’s OS 4/314 def. Southern Serpents 204
R7: North Haven II 5/198 def. St John’s OS 129
R8: St John’s OS 7/200 def. Plympton Footballers II 7/198
R9: St John’s OS 5/153 def. Flagstaff Hill 8/151
R10: St John’s OS 4/122 def. Sheidow Park III 121
R11: St John’s OS 202 def. South Road 108 & 63
R12: Kenilworth 7/377 def. St John’s OS 374
R13: St John’s OS 266 def. North Haven II 85 & 0/60
R14: St John’s OS 7/205 def. Southern Serpents 9/184
SF: St John’s OS 175 def. Plympton Footballers II 74
GF: St John’s OS 6/84 def. Southern Serpents 82

Award Name
SJOSCC Batting Award Oliver Styles: 797 runs
SJOSCC Bowling Award Angus Keates: 34 wickets
SJOSCC Fielding Award Edward Angley: 9 catches
SJOSCC Century Awards Oliver Styles: 121, 148, 122*, 172
Chris Francis: 157 Sam Francis: 120
SJOSCC 5-Wicket Haul Awards Sam Tonkin: 5/32, 6/22, 5/35
Angus Keates: 6/22, 6/37. Nik Gacic: 7/44
Chris Francis: 5/52. Oliver Styles: 6/13

2022-23 Club Report

Sheidow Park Cricket Club had another successful season both on and off the field in 2022/23. We had a very significant first being achieved, the inaugural set up of our Under 12s Girls squad. This would not have occurred if it was not for the dedication and commitment of Luke Moriarty driving this initiative over the past two years. To the teams credit their performance was nothing short of sensational and we look forward to building on this foundation for years to come.

As a club, it was pleasing to see 14 teams in total across our Senior and Junior programs (T20 inclusive) participate throughout the year.

We would like to thank both the ASCA (plus umpires) and the SCJCA committees for providing the programs for our teams to participate. This year saw some of our Senior teams elevated in Sections based on previous year’s performance and although we didn’t see Premiership glory across the Saturday competition, we held our own across most grades.

We did see our A grade play off in the Section 1 Grand Final (another first for the club), disappointedly the game was a washout on day 2 which saw Coromandel Ramblers declared winners due to a higher placed table finish at rounds end.

Our two senior T20 Squads played finals and congratulations to Jasper Dietmayer and the Div 1 squad that showed true grit to bring home the trophy – well done lads.

I would like to thank all the Captains/Coaches/Managers/Volunteers and Committee members (inclusive Jnr/Snr) across the club for your leadership and dedication in building a successful culture now and for the future. For without your commitment to the club we would not have achieved anywhere near the success we had.

Congratulations to all players that were selected in representative teams throughout the year, another indication of how strong the club is becoming. Special call out to the following players that were selected in State squads; we wish them every success in the respective carnivals:
• Gemma Melville – Under 12 Girls
• Charlie Foster – Under 12 Boys
• David Morrison – Open Mens (Over 50)

Congratulations to all our individual awards winners across the club – great effort.

I would like to make a special mention to our junior program leaders Clive Matz and Rob Dietmayer. This year will mark their final year after ten years supporting the junior program. Their leadership has seen our club grow from strength to strength over the years to where we are now with 7 Junior sides, the inclusion of the under 12 girls’ team and have run many Blast and Junior Blast programs, keeping children connected to cricket. I would like to thank both as they have shown their loyalty to the club and without their drive and dedication our junior program would not be where it is today. This has been recognised by the club with the establishment of a new award named in their honour – the ‘Matz-Dietmayer Trophy’ which will be awarded annually to the Junior Club Person of the Year. Thanks gentlemen.

On the committee front I would like to thank you all for the role you played across the club this year, we all know it takes a lot of work in the background to get things up and running before season starts and continues once our players step onto the pitch.

Thanks to Rusky for continuing to keep our records up to date/completing our scorecards and providing quizzes throughout the year to keep us all engaged.

As a club we continued to grow our sponsorship with the addition of new sponsors – thank you to all our sponsors for without your support we would not continue to exist as a Club. Dave Tonkin has done a power of work over the past few years and it has been impressive to see the numbers of sponsors continue to increase, with their valued donations contributing to the overall success of our great club.

Thanks to Greg Chaplin who has continued to apply for grants and just recently we were advised that we have been successful in obtaining $20k towards a new pitch via Amanada Rishworth. This is in addition to successfully gaining support from the Lions Club ($1k) and a grant which has allowed us to purchase the Flicx pitch ($5k) for our Juniors. We are still waiting on the results of $1.5k from the Grass Roots program which if successful will go towards upgrading our fridges and providing an ice making machine (no more milk cartons and axe), as well as another application through the SACA to further upgrade our facilities.

Social was a bit hit and miss this year with several factors to be considered, including competing demands around attendance given a lot of the restriction due to COVID have lifted and the community has returned to normal, time commitments to have programs up and running, and communication was not as effective as we would have liked to allow people time to book into their schedules (something to work on next year.) However, we were still able to successfully support the following programs: Big Bash on the big screen, Christmas celebrations, sponsors day, past players day, dodgeball and our year ending presentation night. Thanks to Blake and Damo for driving the program and Dave Tonkin for hosting the sponsors day. It is appreciated.

On the financial front we will finish the year with approx. $10k in our operating account and $22k in the building fund. Financially, we remain in a stable position.

Thanks to Craig Edwards for working with Fordy, Galvy and Hargs to capture our Club history. This is a great way for everyone to see how a few of our awards came to life and the journey the club has taken to get to our 35th Year. It is a brilliant read and thanks to all of you for taking the time to capture our history that we are all so proud of. We will extract it and have the story displayed in some form in the clubhouse soon.

This year, the committee has agreed to add a new category exceeding Life Membership to recognise 30+ years of exemplary service to our club, that being Legend! We continually refer to the following Gentlemen as Legends and rightfully so – now we can recognise them officially – thank you Galvy, Hargs and Fordy – the work you all do around our club is nothing short of sensational, always there no matter what. On behalf of our whole community THANK YOU and well-deserved recognition!

Finally, to sign off for 2022/23 congratulations to the club on a successful year. I would like to thank all volunteers and their partners across our club this year. Enjoy the offseason, thank you everyone for your support of our great club, stay safe and we look forward to seeing everyone next year.


2022/23 Club Report

South Park Cricket Club again had a very successful season winning the Section 6 Premiership. This is the fourth year in row playing finals and it is a great reward for all of the hard work that has been put in both on and off the field.

It will be remembered as a once in a lifetime Grand Final with a combined 520 runs scored along with 16 wickets over the two days. Played in constant rain on day 2, we chased down the total in the 58th over to win. Junaid Ahmed was the hero of the day with 127 no. Ashwin Srikanth played well for 49. All round bowling contributions on day 1 Asad 3, Mustafa 2, Vinay 2 & Vinod 2 shared the wickets tally.

Congratulations to Captain Vinod Vaithiyanathan and the team for a season full of highlights and great results. Everyone should be proud of their efforts during the year and throughout the finals.

Throughout the year, our batting was a strength, with Junaid Ahmed leading the way with 676 runs including 3 hundreds and 3 fifties. In total the team scored 7 hundreds and 7 fifties.
With the ball, our main bowlers all contributed well with Arslan Mustafa taking 27 wickets at an average of 15.6. We had three bowlers take 5 for during the year.

Other highlights include the introduction of 14 new players to the club this season, out of which 12 had a chance to represent the club on field. Being a one team club its vitally important to continue to be all inclusive and grow together to improve and enjoy our cricket. We would also like to announce the formal naming of the club's Bowling Trophy the Paul Askew Bowling Trophy. Paul has played over 300 games for the club, taken 572 wickets and is a Life Member. It gives us great pleasure to honour his achievements in this way.

South Park would like to thank all of our committee members for their dedication and hard work put into improving the position of the club both on and off the field. We look forward to season 2023-24 with a great sense of optimism that we can further improve the club.

Thanks to the Goodwood Hotel for their generosity as sponsor and we look forward to their ongoing support.

The trophy winners for season 2022-23 were:

Cricketer of the Year: Junaid Ahmed

Robert Ferguson Batting: Junaid Ahmed – 676 runs

Paul Askew Bowling: Arslan Mustafa - 27 wickets

Fielding: Danish Rasheed – 9 catches
Asad Ullah - 7 Catches & 2 run outs

Captains Award: Lee Bishop

Kevin Spencer Club Man Award: Ashwin Srikanth

Congratulations to the trophy winners and we look forward to the challenges that lie ahead in season 2023-24.

Thank you.
South Park Cricket Club

2022/23 was a mixed year for South Road Cricket club. For the first time in a while, we did not have a team in the top 3 sections. With a lot of recent change at the club, we were looking forward to what the year had in store.
The year started off great for the A Grade, as they were in finals contention for the first half of the year. The B Grade was also having a solid start to the year and were on track for a winning season. It was great to see them see some wins on the board, as it has been tough for the lower grades for the last few seasons.
After the Christmas break, the A Grade did not win a game. Too much food over the break. When we played at our best, we could compete with the best, as we had beat St Johns who went on the be section 4 champions. The B grade continued and almost made finals. If it wasn’t for an unlucky draw, they would have been in the finals. Hoping for next year they can move up a section to be in an eight-team format.
Next season we have a change in presidency. The club would like to extend in thanks to Lionel Markwort for taking over the club during the pandemic. We would also want to thank Poul Peterson, as he has been a legend at our club and through tough times he still helped the club where possible. With over 500 wickets, he has been a staple enemy for a lot of clubs batting line-up. We have a young and motivated committee on board and 2023/24 is hoping to be a good year on and off the field for South Road Cricket Club.

2022-23 Club Report

Southern fielded two teams in Section 4 and Section 8. With both teams making finals, with the A Grade unfortunately losing the grand final and the B Grade losing in the semi final. While neither team was ultimately successful in winning a premiership, having both teams play finals was a great achievement for the club. There were a number of new players to the club and a lot of improvement within current players that helped succeed throughout the season.

Section 4
Jimmy Redshaw led the A grade team and finished the minor round in third, with winning the semi-final against Kenilworth before losing to St John’s in the GF. While we did not end up winning the premiership, there was a lot of improvement within the team.
The batting was led by Tom Bennett (384 runs) and Josh Paech (374 runs) and supported by Steven Beagley (244 runs) and Nick Swincer (241 runs).
The bowling was led by Jon James (25 wkts) and was supported by Josh Paech (17 wkts) and Chris Threadgold (17 wkts).

Section 8
Andrew Hutchesson continued to captain the B Grade side and did a terrific job bringing a number of new players into the team. The B Grade unfortunately fell short losing to a very experienced Morphettville Park team in the Semi Final. It was great to see a number of the young players continue their development.
The batting was led by Craig Wood (382 runs) and supported by Iain Bryce (363 runs), Alex Jung (345 runs) and Vas Daskalos (322 runs).
The bowling was led by Andrew Hutchesson (22 wkts) and supported by Iain Bryce (16 wkts).

Ray Thatcher Cricketer of the Year - Tom Bennett
A Grade Batting - Tom Bennett (384 runs)
A Grade Bowling - Jon James (25 wkts)
A Grade Fielding - Jai Brown
B Grade Batting - Craig Wood (382 runs)
B Grade Bowling - Andrew Hutchesson (22 wkts)
B Grade Fielding - Flynn Kageler and Kosta Daskalos
Club Most Improved - Alex Jung
Hank Hill ‘Club Person of the Year’ - Shaun Reid

Off the field, the Serpentine Reserve was continued to be upgraded with new training nets currently being built which will continue to enhance the Serpentine Oval for playing cricket. Thank you to Erin Thompson, Member for Davenport and the City of Onkaparinga council for their continued assistance in the continued development of Serpentine reserve.

I would like to thank the Committee for all the assistance this year to continue to make the club a great place to play cricket and an even better social atmosphere.

Finally, thank you to Phil and the Executive Committee for all the great work. They continue to make this such a great Association to play cricket in.

Josh Paech
Southern Cricket Club

2022/23 Club Report

Trophy Winners

Club Champion – Varun Rao
Players’ Choice Award (A Grade) Varun Rao
Players’ Choice Award (B Grade) Sushant Sharma

A Grade Section 6
Batting Varun Rao 875 runs
Bowling Sam Varkey 30 wickets
Fielding Siddharth Joshi

B Grade Section 7
Batting Sushant Sharma 315 runs
Bowling Ashwin Gunasekaran 27 wickets
Fielding Devendra Rawat

5 wickets or more in an innings
Sam Varkey 5/66 v Kenilworth
Siddharth Joshi 5/34 v South Park
Ashwin Gunasekaran 6/12 v Grand Masters
Sushant Sharma 5/27 v Fitzroy
Harsh Panwar 6/18 v Kenilworth

Catch of the Season
A Grade Manpreet Singh
B Grade Nish Wadhwa

Varun Rao 136 v Morphettville Park
Ayaz Hussain 120 v Morphettville Park
Quodrattullah Agha 105* v South Park
Kamal Mohammed 103 v Morphettville Park

Association Trophies
A Grade
Batsman Varun Rao
Fielder Siddharth Joshi
Wicket Keeper Varun Rao

Player of the Match (Grand Final)
Jay Chudasama 57 v Kenilworth

Premiership Trophies
Nikhil Rawat Sushant Sharma
Kartik Singh Salman Chandio
Gurpreet S Jammu Devendra Rawat
Ashwin Gunasekaran Nish Wadhwa
Jay Chudasama Kartik Rudola
Karamjot Singh Harsh Panwar

Runner up Trophies
Kamal Mohammed Varun Rao
Ayaz Hussain Sam Varkey
Rajiv Rehaan Chander Sharma
Krishna Teja Nallan Agha Quadrattullah
Siddharth Joshi Chander Sharma
Raman Dhandha Manpreet Singh
Mohit Kaushal Simar Gaba
Parth Sharma Gaurav Sharma
Anuj Kamboj Hemanshu Juneja

A Grade Report (Grand Finalist)
Section 6; 10 wins, 6 losses

The A’s had a good season winning 10 out of 16 games. We made it to the grand finals. We were captained by Kamal Mohammed. We had several players joining our club this year which had introduced new players to our section 6 side.
Apart from bowling trophy, A grade had won all the association trophies. The entire season was played in a great spirit and players were continually supporting each other not only on the field but also off the field. This had created a great atmosphere within the Team who had loved turning up to the ground every week.
Varun Rao won the association batting trophy scoring a mammoth 875 runs at an average of 58.33 per innings. He had also won the association wicket keeping trophy. Siddharth Joshi won the association fielding trophy.
We have four centurions from A’s, two bowlers who took 5 or more wickets in an innings and plenty of potential to go an extra step and win the grand finals next season.

B Grade Report (Premiers)
Section 7: 10 wins, 5 Losses, 1 Draw

The B’s had the best year so far. Though we had 5 losses during the season our section 7 won the game which had mattered the most, the Grand Finals. B’s entered Grand Finals by defending merely a small total of 120 in semi-finals against the top of the table team Fitzroy.
We were captained by Nikhil Rawat who had won the first premiership trophy for the club.
Well done Nikhil and his Team. Absolute proud moment for the club.
The Team though did not have big individual contributions with the bat however every player had chipped in when it mattered the most. Three players took 5 or more wickets in an innings.
Congratulations to all who had made debut for Southern Warriors this season. The year was challenging, especially with the players juggling between family, work commitments and the games. Thanks to all who had played for our club and gave it their all every week. The results speak for itself.

2022/23 Club Report

Although we are a mere shadow of what we once were in the days when we fielded four teams with ‘leftovers’, the Warradale Cricket Club community remain acutely aware of the history of the club and of the awesome people who have contributed to building the club and who enabled the on-field success we have tasted.

Our 2021/22 AGM was held on 2 August 2022 and it was announced with some excitement to those present that our A grade team was welcoming some new players. While the team did not make the finals, there were many encouraging performances and the team was well led by Chris Gibbie and Alex Curtin. Our hope is that the trend of diminishing numbers and of being ‘aged’ may begin to reverse!

Our B grade ‘scooped the pool’, winning the Section 10 premiership and having 4 players take out association awards for batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping. The average age of our finals team was 55.5 years and the ‘old f@rts’ did a great job. Bring on Section 9 next year!

There are two gentlemen who deserve special recognition. All the cliches about it taking a team of people to make anything work are so true. Grant Craigie exceeded all expectations in his role as club secretary, in a year that was more challenging than ever before because of this ‘innovation’ called Play HQ.

Equally, our treasurer Dom Gibbie kept our books in the black, kept fridges and eskies stocked with refreshments and paid the bills. Great work Dom and Grant! I thank the other committee members for their attendance at meetings, wisdom and commitment.

To the team captains Chris and Winner; great job. It’s a thankless task but team selection (including last minute changes), communication with players, on-field leadership, ensuring the scorebooks add up, presentation of awards and a bunch of other roles don’t go unnoticed from club management. Thank you!

We thank the ASCA executive for their outstanding work. Although we have a bit of a whinge from time to time your hours of sacrifice to ensure on and off-field matters run smoothly are recognised and appreciated.

With thanks
Noel Browne
Warradale CC

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2022-23 Club Report

The season ended in a disappointing way with both our A Grade and B Grade losing their semifinals however when reflecting on the season as a whole, for the club it was a pretty good year.

We returned to having 3 sides again (up from 2 last season) and were on track to having all three participate in finals until the last game but hey 2 out of 3 aint bad they say. What was most pleasing was the way we have started to approach things off the field. We welcomed some new faces to the committee and have made some significant inroads to returning the club to its glory days.

Our A Grade had a great season especially given they didn’t have the same side each week. To finish 4th and go down to the eventual premiers leaves us with great feelings about the years to come.

The B Grade very much like the A grade struggled to find themselves with the same team each week and didn’t win their first game till round 6. The team’s attitude to never give up and push for better results got them in the end into the finals. Amazing achievement! Unfortunately going down in the semifinal.

The C Grade season was a mixture of great results, some forfeits and impacted by things outside of their control. Much like the B Grade they never changed their attitudes and played to get the best results for the club. Sadly, we ended up just falling short of finals.

We have recently held our AGM and we have re structured our club to continue to improve on and off the field. We look to re-introduce our junior program this upcoming summer and I know everyone around the club is excited about this.

We are excited for season 2023/24 as we look to build on this season’s achievements!

Lee Fuller
President, Wester Youth Centre Cricket Club

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