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2023/24 Secretary's Report

2023/24 Club Report

2023/24 Club Report


The 2023/2024 season was a successful one for ALSC, both on and off the field. Despite initial concerns about player numbers, we managed to field two teams and achieved notable performances throughout the season.

On-Field Success

The club's on-field success was highlighted by several outstanding individual performances. Marko Fedojuk was named the Batter of the Year in Division 9, a testament to his exceptional skills with the bat. ALSC had a total of 34 players, excluding fill-ins, which is a healthy number for maintaining two teams in the future.

Strategic Initiatives

We focused on three key strategic items during the season:

  1. Junior Cricket: Although Michael stepped down from his role in junior cricket, the program continued to grow, with five teams this season. Our senior cricket team recognizes the importance of supporting the junior program to ensure a strong future for the club.

  2. New Training Facility: We successfully completed the construction of a new training facility, which will enhance the development of our players' skills.

  3. New Clubroom Facility: The club is persistently working towards securing a new clubroom facility and will continue its efforts in this regard.

Looking Ahead

As ALSC moves towards the next season, the club has secured funding to replace two hard wicket pitches, which will improve player safety and enjoyment. Recruiting new cricketers, developing skills, and building on the momentum of this season's social events will be crucial for strengthening the club's position.


The success of the season can be attributed to the dedication and efforts of various individuals within our club:

  • Captains Finley Borgas and Jim Wills were instrumental in building a strong team culture.

  • Committee members, including Finley, Josh, Parth, Sam, Tarks, and Tom Adler, worked      tirelessly behind the scenes to support the club's activities.

  • Partners and families of our players were recognized for their support, as cricket plays a vital role in the physical, mental, and social well-being of our players.

  • We commend our players for their enthusiasm, passion, and the respectful manner in which they represented ALSC.

Club Person of the Year

The Club Person of the Year award, voted by our committee members, saw eight nominees receive recognition for their outstanding contributions. The winner of this prestigious award was Parth Gohil, who was praised for his exceptional work in communications, love for cricket, and consistent presence at club functions.


ALSC had a memorable 2023/2024 season, with success on the field, growth in player numbers, and progress in strategic initiatives. We look forward to the Annual Cricket Meeting on Tuesday, May 7, and eagerly anticipate the next season, where the club aims to continue building on its reputation as a respectful and friendly club.

2023/24 Club Report

2023-24 Club Report

The 2023/24 season for the Coromandel Cricket Club was one to remember for all members of our club. We had some significant developments throughout the season, notably the opening of our fantastic new training net facility by Louise Miller-Frost. This facility has been a wonderful addition and allowed all players from all grades to train, as well as being a great addition for the broader community. We thank all involved for their hard work and dedication in getting this project completed. The season culminated in our Seniors presentation night at the Belair Hotel, as well as the ASCA 125th Anniversary Dinner at Adelaide Oval. Both nights were great celebrations of a successful season. 

This season we welcomed our new President (Cam van den Bos) and several new committee members. We thank them for their ongoing shared commitment to make Coro a great place to make mates and play cricket. Our numbers were very strong throughout the year, with 82 players playing Seniors cricket at Coromandel. 

On field was a success, with all 5 senior sides playing finals. This resulted in 3 grand finals and the C and D grades winning the Section 5 and 7 premierships. Our U/16's Junior side also played off in a grand final, which was a valuable experience for our young future stars. This was an awesome achievement to all involved and makes the hard work throughout the season all worth it. The continuation of youth coming through the ranks is key to the sustainable longevity of our club. This will be our focus for the future, along with harnessing the love for the game that our more established players have. We feel if we can do this, the club will continue to grow as it has in recent years and be a great environment to play cricket.

2023/24 CCC Award winners:

Coaches Award - Mitch Pumphrey

Keeping Award - Maneesh Khakurel

T20 Player of the Year - Angus Heaton

Jack Hewett Award - Chris Norman

Junior Player of the Year - Jace Turner

A Grade and Club MVP - Sam Neville

Clubman Award - Mitch Laurie

*For a full list of our stats based trophy winners for the season please visit:

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the ASCA Executive for all of their tireless work they have put in throughout the season. We truly appreciate everything you do to allow us to play the game we love. We would also like to thank all of our sponsors (including our major sponsors Sphere Advisory, WasteAway SA, Stratco St Marys, About Face Clinic and First Advice Solutions) for their continuing support and look forward to another enjoyable season of cricket with ASCA in 2024/25. See you all soon!

2023-24 Club Report

2023-24 Club Report

23/24 Club Report

The club had a good year looking at it through a broad lens, fielding 3 senior and 3 junior teams. Our junior program is coming along in leaps and bounds which is the building blocks of any strong club for a sustainable future.
The A grade started slowly, but came home with a wet sail only just missing out on a finals birth. It was the youngest A grade side the club has fielded in my 20 years at the club. The squad really enjoyed their cricket and gained confidence they can hold their own in section 2.
Our B grade had a tough year, but were able to expose some younger players to section 3. Whilst finishing 2nd bottom, the guys all took the field in great spirit and all represented the club with distinction.
Finally, it was very pleasing to field a C grade for the first time in a few years with new and returning players making up the side. They enjoyed their cricket, played with a smile on their face and made it to the semi final stage. We hope they return again this season.

The club was able to make a profit and are in a healthy and sustainable financial position.

I'd like to thank the executive for their ongoing hard work. Without you, we don't play. It doesn't go unnoticed how many hours you pour into keeping the cogs turning.

Cove AGM to be held Friday 17th May
Will update the executive on changes to the Cove Committee.

Warm regards


2023-24 Club Report

Flagstaff Hill Cricket Club had a memorable season in 2023-24. Despite starting with two senior teams, unforeseen circumstances led to the tough decision of dropping the second side. However, the first side in Section 4 showcased exceptional cricket, marked by competitiveness, fairness, and numerous victories.
Tom Berndt, at just 17 years old, emerged as our standout performer, accumulating 429 runs and finishing second in section 4. Jacob Lemon led the bowling charts with 27 wickets.
With a strong contingent of young talent across under 10s, 12s, and two under 14s teams, the club is poised for a promising rebuild. Although unable to field an under 16s team this season, plans are in place to rectify this for the next season, potentially bolstering our senior ranks.
Our commitment to competitive and fair cricket was evident in our journey to the Section 4 grand final, a significant achievement for the club. We are proud that our opponents enjoy playing against us, as reflected in match reports.
Special thanks are extended to our dedicated committee, who have laid a solid foundation and in helping new President James Patterson into his role. Excitement brews for the upcoming season, with optimism radiating throughout the club.
Lastly, sincere appreciation is conveyed to the ASCA for their invaluable support in league operations and for orchestrating a memorable 125-year anniversary celebration and presentations, which were thoroughly enjoyed by all at Flagstaff Hill Cricket Club.

2023-24 Club Report

2023-24 Club Report

Season 23/24 for the Happy Valley Cricket Club in the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association was a very successful one. Our club fielded three teams in Section three, five and nine. All three teams finished the regular season top of the ladder. All teams made it to the Grand Final weekend and were lucky and skilled enough to get two premierships. Alongside the Saturday competition we also fielded two sides in the T20 competition for division two and three. Our Div Two team finished top but were dealt a shock loss in the semi-final. Meanwhile our Div Three team was able to go all the way to the Grand Final and be deserving premiers. Of our five teams in ASCA, all finished top of their grades and three won premierships. Our club has consistently stuck with its players and this has led to great improvement in skill and comradery amongst our team which would have contributed to this season's success.

The club would like to recognise the individual achievements of the following players in season 23/24.
Section 9 Fielding Award - Oliver Mason 7 catches
Section 9 Bowling Award - Shannon Chappell 15 wickets @7.33
Section 9 Batting Award - Dave Wilden 308 Runs 34.22 Avg
Section 9 Player of the Year - Dave Wilden
Section 9 MVP - Ash Lithgow

Section 5 Fielding Award - James Beaumont 13 catches and 3 run outs
Section 5 Bowling Award - Jason Roberts 24 @ 10.58
Section 5 Batting Award - Michael Young 371 runs @ 33.73
Section 5 Player of the year - Michael Young
Section 5 MVP - Michael Young

Section 3 Fielding Award - Brendon Kloeden 10 catches 7 stumpings
Section 3 Bowling Award - Andrew Twynstra 23 wickets @ 9.87
Section 3 Batting Award - Brodie Moran 389 @ 35.36
Section 3 MVP - Andrew Twynstra

Club Champion Player - Andrew Twynstra 486 runs @32.40, 30 wkts @11.67
U21 Club Champion - Braden Drieberg: 18 wkts @ 16.33 and 66 runs

Club Records Achieved
200 Wickets Jason Roberts
2000 Runs Jason Roberts
2000 Runs Brodie Moran
100 Games Michael Young
100 Games Jess Connell
100 Games Jason Dyer
150 Games Mark Dienelt
200 Games Ray Stephens
200 Games Jason Roberts
250 Games Chris Craggs

It’s important to note that our club is more than just those mentioned above, all 40 plus players who participated with us this year contributed, be it on field performances, coaching fellow teammates or volunteering in various jobs. The club is focused on ensuring the current group of players continue to believe in the fun and competitive environment that has been created over the years. We invite the challenge that will eventually come from the promotion of our sides to Section Two and Eight. We wish all other clubs a successful season 24/25

Thank you

Brodie Moran
Happy Valley Cricket Club - President

2023-24 Club Report

2023-24 Club Report

During the 2023/2024 season, the club faced significant challenges. Two teams were in a rebuilding phase due to the departure of senior players or their unavailability. However, the unwavering commitment to compete and win remained constant. Notably, Section 6 emerged as the epitome of stability. Year after year, they strengthened their position playing in finals and this year brought home the trophy. Their resilience and determination were especially evident on the field during finals which were played during Ramadan so many players were fasting. It was a very special premiership victory!

2023-24 Club Report

2023-24 Club Report

2023/24 Club Report

2023/24 Club Report

2023-24 Club Report

2023-24 Club Report

2023/24 Club Report

2023/24 Club Report

Another great season for the White Pointers: 4 teams and 2 final appearances. 3 of the 4 teams moved up at least 1 section from last season so 2 final appearances was an outstanding result for the Club.

Club Person of the Year: Jared Rogers

Senior Cricketer of the Year: Anthony Burgess
Senior T20 Player of the year: Luke Goldner
Senior Club Batting: Anthony Burgess
Senior Club Bowling: Dillon Burns

Section 1
Mick Fitzgerald Medal: Anthony Burgess
Best Team Man: Leon Hanson
Captain: Mitchell Bennie
Backing up a very successful 2022/23 season was always going to be challenging but A Grade took to Section 1 with everything they had, finishing 2nd in the standings overall: a tremendous reward for effort. Not many teams make it to finals (let alone the grand final) in the first season after promotion, but this team built on the previous season’s camaraderie and strong team performance. The team was quite stable with few changes each week resulting in a ‘play for all’ attitude.
Award winners: Batting  Anthony Burgess; Bowling  Dillon Burns; Fielding  Oliver Goss and Joseph Butterworth.
Significant milestones: Scott Houston 109*, Luke Goldner 7/17, Mitchell Bennie 7/24, Dillon Burns 6/52, 6/80 and 5/10 (including a hat trick)

Section 4
Mal Pollitt Medal: Thomas Kennedy and Matthew Ray
Best Team Man: James Smale
Captain: Matthew Ray
B Grade started the season slowly but a first win in R3 reinvigorated the team, stringing together a few wins in the lead up to the Christmas break. January brought some consistency to the team and another 3 wins however a final week heat-out was the end of the season. A great year of learning for B Grade.
Award winners: Batting  James Smale; Bowling  Thomas Kennedy; Fielding  Oliver Goss
Significant milestone: Matthew Ray 5/1 (including a double hat trick)

Section 7
Steve Holst Medal: Kym McDonald
Best Team Man: Kym McDonald
Captain: Luke Munro
A difficult end to a fabulous season for our C Grade team. Moving up 2 sections from last season the team finished the standings on top of the ladder, but a semi-final loss was an exit to the season a week earlier than they hoped. The team playing list was not settled until post Christmas but when that was established the group displayed the great camaraderie of our Club.
Award winners: Batting  Charlie Holm; Bowling  Kym McDonald; Fielding  Iain Still, Jitin Khanna and Kym McDonald
Significant milestones: Charlie Holm 154*, Kym McDonald 7/11 (including a hat trick), Ethan Scrivener 6/38

Section 10
Tony Williams Medal: Brodie Patterson
Best Team Man: Callum White
Captain: Michael Mott / Tim Vermeer / Michael Patterson
Our D Grade team again approached the season with a mix of competitiveness and fun! But, as is the experience for all club’s lowest team, this team was the hardest to fill with players being moved up to cover availability and then match-day changes. There were a number of senior debuts for young players (some as young as 11) and forfeits. A credit to our season’s captains Michael Mott, Tim Vermeer and Michael Patterson for keeping the wheels on. This team is the epitome of our Club’s culture – continuing to play for each other and our Club, regardless of the team list.
Award winners: Batting  Jeff Bradshaw; Bowling  Brodie Patterson; Fielding  Dominic Lagana
Significant milestones: Vito Biangiardo 117, Joseph Butterworth 107, Brodie Patterson 3/17 (including a hat trick)

2023-24 Club Report

In season 2023/24, the St John’s Old Scholars Cricket Club fielded one team in Section 2 of the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association (ASCA). In season 2022/23, our team won the Section 4 premiership, and we were moved up 2 sections as a result. Before the season started, we were unsure on how our team would perform in Section 2. Although we didn’t make finals, we weren’t out of our depth. We came 6th out of 8 teams, with 5 wins, 6 losses, and 3 draws due to weather.

2023/24 was our third season as a club, and we continued to grow in many ways. We had a squad of 15 players, which is our most yet. We had 4 club sponsors, 3 of which were brand new at the start of the season. It was our second season being sponsored by the Belair Hotel, where we hold all our club events, and our first season being sponsored by Faultless Carpentry & Construct, Belair Dental Care, and RJ Media. Riley from RJ Media is a very talented young photographer, and it was a privilege to be able to have him take some impressive photos at several of our games and our presentation night. These can be found on the club Facebook page. I would like to thank all our sponsors for their extremely generous support this season. We are very grateful to have had these businesses on board and were proud to wear their logos on our shirts.

There were several highlights during our season, one of which was our first win for the season in round 2. We had a one-day game against Cove at Cove. We lost the toss and got sent in to bat and had a very rocky start to our innings. The openers only put on 12 runs before both being dismissed. Our number 3 and 5 were both gone for single figures, and Nik Gacic at number 4 was just starting to build an innings before being caught on the mid-wicket boundary for 18. Sam Tonkin came to the crease in the 15th over at 4/38 and saved us from a big collapse. He consistently kept the scoreboard ticking over despite several wickets falling at the other end and got us to 8/130 before being dismissed for 64. After some last-minute heroics from our tailenders, we were all out for 147 after 34.3 overs. Patrick Douglas opened the bowling and took the first wicket on the fourth ball of the innings thanks to a great catch from Nik Gacic at second slip. Patrick then followed that up with the next two wickets of the innings during a solid opening spell. Meanwhile, Sam Tonkin also cleaned up 2 batsmen inside 2 overs from the other end. After Angus Keates and Liam Markham were brought onto bowl, the game didn’t last much longer. Gus bowled 6 overs and took 1/3 including 4 maidens. At the other end, Liam bowled 5.3 overs and took 4/4 including 3 maidens. Both bowlers bowled a total of 11.3 overs as a partnership, including 7 maidens, and only got hit for a total of 7 runs. At one point, Cove were 2/42, and we took 8/16 to bowl them out for 58. This is the lowest score our team has bowled another team out for in our 3 seasons as a club.

There were a few individual performances which stood out through the season. There were 7 half-centuries and 1 century scored. Phil Scott had the highest individual score for the season with 125 against Sheidow Park in round 13. Two 5-wicket hauls were taken this season, both by Angus Keates, with his best one being 6/55 off 19 overs against Coromandel in Round 4. Phil Scott and Tate Steele contributed to the only 100+ run partnership for the season with a 5th wicket partnership of 148 also against Sheidow Park in round 13.

On Friday the 19th of April, the St John’s Old Scholars Cricket Club had our presentation night for the 2023/24 season at the Belair Hotel. It was a great night that allowed us to celebrate another cricket season together, acknowledge some exceptional individual and team performances, and present some awards. Our award winners consisted of:
Century Award: Phil Scott
5 Wicket Haul Awards: Angus Keates x2
Fielding Award: Phil Scott
Batting Award: Chris Francis
Bowling Award: Angus Keates
Duck Award: Tate Steele
Johncock Clubman Award: Chris Francis

On Wednesday the 24th of April, the ASCA held their 125th year Anniversary Presentations in the Ian McLachlan room of the Adelaide Oval. It was a successful night for our club with 2 of our players winning awards. Sam Francis took home the Section 2 Jim Coulls Memorial Wicket Keeping Trophy with 49 votes, and Angus Keates was awarded the Section 2 David Neil Bowling Trophy with 32 wickets. Gus also ended up coming 4th in the Zadow Medal count, an award given to the MVP of Section 2 voted by the umpires.

Overall, it was another successful season for the St John’s Old Scholars Cricket Club. We all had lots of fun every Saturday no matter what the result was on the field, which is our main goal. I would like to thank ASCA President Phil Davis and the rest of the ASCA executive for their hard work behind the scenes. We are keen to keep playing together as a team and keep growing our club going into our fourth season in 2024/25.

Chris Francis
SJOSCC President

2023-24 Club Report

Sheidow Park Cricket Club continues to grow strongly, this has not been more evident as we had another solid season both on and off the field in 2023/24.

As a club, we consolidated our Junior and Senior programs with 14 teams representing the club (T20 inclusive) throughout the year.

We would like to thank both the ASCA (plus umpires) and the SCJCA committees for providing the programs for our teams to participate. ASCA, we hope your 125th Year celebrations are a success.

This year we didn’t see as much silverware success, however, were competitive across the board. The under 14’s led the way by successfully progressing to the semi-final stages of their Sunday and T20 competitions. Our Div 3 T20 squad Captained by Arren Harvey just fell short against Mitchell Park in the semi-final stages, but it was a great result for the club as we continued to show enthusiasm for competing in this form of the game.

A few of our Senior squads set themselves up with a chance of participating in the final’s series and yet again the weather played havoc to end off their season, somewhat prematurely. A shining light did present itself with our C Grade squad in Sect 5 led by Ben Crichton playing off in a semi against Happy Valley. The lads were primed to perform in front of a big club crowd. It was a see sawing tussle; however, the boys just fell short of a respectable total produced by Happy Valley. Well done lads on a very rewarding season.

I would like to thank all the Captains/Coaches/Managers/Volunteers and Committee members (inclusive Jnr/Snr) across the club for your leadership and dedication on continuing to build our culture now and for the future. For without your commitment to the club we would not have achieved anywhere near the success we had.

Congratulations to all players that were selected in representative teams throughout the year, another indication of how strong our club is.

Congratulations to all our individual awards winners across the club -great effort. There were some monumental milestones achieved by individuals this year. I would like to make special mention to Craig Edwards who became only the 5th Player to reach 200 games for the club. Craig has been a dedicated member of our community over the years with his input into the committee and on the field. It is well deserved recognition that he can achieve this milestone.

Thank you to the committee for setting the structure in place that allowed us to participate across all formats of the game. We all know it takes a lot of work in the background to get things up and running before season starts. The administration doesn’t stop once the season starts and continues well into the offseason – so thank you for your dedication to the club.

Thanks to Rusky for continuing to keep our records up to date and completing our scorebooks.

Thank you to all our sponsors for your continued support of our club, without your support we could not participate week in week out.

As most would be aware as a club, we were successful in several grant applications throughout the year which assist us in purchasing equipment required across the club and keeping fees for playing as low as possible. One grant led to a new pitch being installed at the Pit. Although this did cause some minor disruption across the club with changing of venues and team allocations to the Pit. I would like to thank all those that made it a reality, whether that be in the Grant application process, remaining flexible on where you were allocated to play, organising contractors, or assisting with maintenance to get the pitch up and running as soon as practicable. It was great to see our community come together in the form of a working bee to assist speeding up the process to making the pitch playable.

On the Social front well done to Justin Richards and crew for delivering on some great engagement activities throughout the year. The Christmas show sponsored by RC Gardening; Sponsor/past players day were very successful events which took a lot of planning. So, thank you for making them happen. I am sure all that attended enjoyed their days.

On the financial front we will finish the year with approx. $15k in our operating account and $30k in the building fund. Financially remain in a stable position.

Finally, to sign off for 2023/24 well done to the club on another successful year. I would like to thank all volunteers and their partners across our club this year. Thank you everyone for your support of our great club, stay safe and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.


2023/24 Club Report


2023-24 Club Report


2023-24 Club Report


2023/24 Club Report


2023/24 Club Report


2023/24 Club Report

In the 1990s the Warradale Cricket Club fielded 4 teams ‘with left-overs’. Sadly, the winter of 2023 saw and exodus of 9 players, all from the previous year’s A grade. This was no-one’s fault, just a misaligning of the stars. With Ankit and Tyson joining the old-timers, this meant we began the season with 16 players to choose from.
A couple of players who sought to play cricket every Saturday decided to part ways and join other clubs. Fair enough but what a tumultuous start to the year!

We decided to rotate the captaincy to share the associated burdens (team selection, contacting players, balancing scorebooks etc) and up until Christmas, there was only one captain with a loss to his name. I have decided to protect his identity here. So heading into the Christmas break, we had one loss, one washout, 3 wins and 2 outright wins.

After the break it was 3 wins, 2 abandoned and one loss. I’d better come clean – when I say rotate the captaincy, please note Winner did the lion’s share. Thank you, Andrew!

So we approached the finals with a healthy level of confidence, although Coro had beaten us two from two. The semi vs Kenilworth saw the association give us 2 neutral umpires. They compiled 147 and we passed them 5 down.

Unsurprisingly Coro won their semi so we faced off at home in beautiful weather. To bat or to bowl if we won the toss? There was much discussion and variance of opinion. However, Win did the right thing and lost the toss and we were put in to bat.
What can we say? The Craigie boys’ match-saving 90 run partnership, with 72 coming from the younger, far more handsome and gifted Craigie, set a solid foundation.

Sunday was something of a nail-biter, with Coro getting to 2/74, 4/136 and 8/173 at various stages of the chase. A good all-round bowling performance, headed by Ankit with 4/24 from 14 overs. At least we didn’t grass 9 catches like the week before!

The Wazden Year Book will provide all of the year’s on-field highlights so I will simply highlight Joel. And what a way to go out – ‘donating’ his cricket gear, including his pants. Joel, your stats speak for themselves. Thank you for your amazing contributions and for your mateship. Your wickets record is likely to remain… forever. Don’t be a stranger to us – and enjoy your cricket retirement.

At the time of writing this report I am unaware of who the recipient of this year’s Cricketer of the Year is, however I would like to acknowledge Ash Marshall as winner of the ‘Magarey Medal’, and Tyson C, Girish N and Dave P for having excellent seasons! I’d better acknowledge Grant too, for taking out the section 8 ‘keepers trophy.

Our ongoing relationship with the Brighton Lacrosse Club is very highly valued and we extend our deep thanks to Traci and the BLC Committee. A bit of a break with tradition this year as the Best Supporter this year was awarded to the BLC.

Thanks to McAuley Community School / City of Holdfast Bay Council for lease of the oval at reduced rates too. With only one team taking the field they saw fit to halve the previous season’s fee. We had an excellent clean out of the shed at the end of the season and it is all set up for the start of the ’24-’25 season.

Thanks once again to Grant for doing a great job as secretary and to Dom for keeping the books in the black. The occasional happy hour at the shed goes down very well.

I know Smithy has included a special acknowledgement of Puggy Williams in the Wazden. I just wanted to add what a pleasure it was to have known and played with him. My first thought about him is fierce competitor. I’ve rarely come across someone so intense, permanently switched on and talented. What a privilege it was.

What does the future hold? With a few retirements and the rest not getting any younger, we will need to give some careful thought to coming seasons and make decisions about whether we undertake a concerted recruiting drive. We need a strategy and some deliberate effort by all.

Thank you for your support of me over the past year and a special thanks to all of the people in the background, especially the spouses, partners and others who can’t wait for Saturdays to come around so they can have some peace and quiet at home.

Noel Browne

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2023-24 Club Report


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