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The by-laws for final round matches are contained within the Special Match Rules on the Association Website. Please read them before the game.

Take heed of these notes.

1. Finals are played over Saturday and Sunday in all sections beginning at 1 o’clock each day. Should play in your match be entirely prevented on the Saturday a one-day match is played on the Sunday starting at 12:30.

2. Apart from starting times games are mostly played under the same rules and conditions as the minor round 2day games. Section 1 plays 75 overs and Section 2 down play 60 overs each day. Section 4 and lower have bowling restrictions 15 overs per innings. Replacement players can be used. Teams with replacements must be given in writing to the umpire and opposition Captain before the toss. Take a photo of both. Teams must be named online Friday night. You can make late changes.

3. A few teams may play on neutral grounds. On such grounds, the team named first for each fixture is regarded as the home team and they may have some responsibility for setting up the oval. Clubs supplying ovals are expected to supply materials but circumstances may prevent this. If you are the first named team make sure you have contact with the supplying club to arrange laying the matting, setting the stumps and boundary and using dressing rooms. In addition it is wise for all teams to carry spare stumps, bails and boundary markers in case of emergency.

4. At the February delegates meeting volunteers will form a Finals Committee which will act under the authority of the Executive Committee to allot games to venues and appoint umpires.

5. Experienced players not taking part in finals are needed to umpire games. Contact the Umpire Director with available players. Umpires will be paid $110 per day by the Association by direct deposit. Enter a report on the umpires in the Captain Report at by Monday afternoon. No need to do fielding and keeping votes.

6. Should weather delay or interrupt play, consult Special Match Rules 6, 7 and 8. Some situations can become very complex. It is the umpires' duty to make decisions on the fitness of the ground for play and to decide on the way the game will proceed.
A game is drawn where the first innings will be compulsorily closed with less than 20 overs.

7. An outright result overrides a 1st innings lead, however a final match can be concluded at any time if both captains agree that no further result is possible. At the end of the first day’s play, if a result appears imminent both captains can agree to extend play for 7 overs.

8. Read the rules for player qualification for finals in Special Match Rule 5 Sides. Any team which plays an unqualified player without a permit for finals will forfeit the match. Any players with dual registration who have played games in another association this season need a finals permit.

9. We would appreciate both sides enter scores Saturday night so their supporters and others can see the state of the match. Both sides must complete scores by midday Monday.

10. Make sure you treat the oval the way it should be treated. We will want to use it again next year. We will fine clubs up to $200 if they or their supporters leave litter or disregard rules for use.

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