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0. South Australian legislation places obligations on Cricket Clubs with Under eighteens. We cannot be the next organisation that attracts or allows adults to abuse or lure children into danger. Some of our clubs have junior teams and already know of their responsibilities. Some clubs have Under 18s playing regularly or on occasion in senior teams and some have none. Those with Under 18s must act proactively to prevent abuse, bullying and harassment and have processes to deal with complaints. Club Officials with Under 18s are Mandated Reporters of child abuse or neglect that they are told about or reasonably suspect. Report to 13 14 78. The legislation allows clubs and Associations to adopt their peak body’s Child Protection Policy instead of developing their own and at the September 2022 meeting of the Association Committee of Management the Cricket Australia and Saca Child protection policies were accepted as our policy.
See Policies at Clubs with Under 18s are to make their own commitment to child protection and have trained people in the club or teams as appropriate to look out for the welfare of children and young people.
1. All Clubs must be represented at each meeting of the Committee of Management. Any Club not represented at 3 meetings from the July meeting through to the March meeting will have 6 premiership points taken from each team in addition to fines for each missed meeting.
2. Any player who has played for any other Club or in any grade of another Association including interstate and overseas must obtain a Permit to play from the Association Secretary before taking part in a match. You must ask players where they have played. Junior and Veteran competitions and Saca and other Sunday T20 competitions don’t count. If there is any doubt send details to the Association Secretary. You will lose the match if a player requiring a permit plays. Players may play up to 3 days elsewhere and not need a permit to return OR a player from your club trying Premier Cricket who is dropped from 4th Grade can return without a permit.
3. All players will need to register online at Playcricket app or PlayHQ ( for your club to play games in the Saturdays and then the T20 competition. When first registering $22.50 needs to be paid to Cricket Australia. Your club can set up amounts to be paid to you for each registration. This season PlayHQ will allow any player to register unless they have already registered with another club. Then the player may need to ask for a transfer or a permit. PlayHQ may allow you to select players that need and don’t have a permit from the Secretary. It may not allow you to select a player that does have a permit from the Secretary. Some players may play as fill-ins on PlayHQ. They will need a permit if they have played elsewhere.
4. No permits will be granted after the end of January each season so players cannot be cleared or transferred after that date. IF YOU PLAY A PLAYER REQUIRING A PERMIT YOU WILL LOSE THE MATCH.
5. Players who have only played in junior competitions do not need permits and will not require clearances. If we are told such a player owes money they will be given time to make payment but may be prevented from playing.
6. Players may have dual registration with a club in another Association. This allows players to try games in a different association without their club losing them or needing a clearance for them to return. It also allows juniors to play seniors for a different club. Even with dual registration players need a Permit from the Secretary to return. Permits will not be given for players to return during byes or washed-out games. The Executive may give Permits for the season including where players have temporary duties in the country. All arrangements must be made before Jan 31. PlayHQ may allow a permit for dual registration. That is not the same as a permit from the Secretary but necessary so the player can be named in the side.
7. A team must be entered on PlayHQ the night before the first day of the match. This includes T20s. It doesn’t have to be exactly the team you end up playing but allows scores to be entered better and online scoring.
8. After the first Saturday of a two-day match, the state of the match and scores need to be entered at PlayHQ by noon.
9. The day after the completion of a match, the result and the scores need to be entered at PlayHQ by noon. Clubs will not be able to dispute a wrongly entered detail but will have to email or text the President. Where there are difficulties due to players that can’t be selected or differences of opinion everything should be finalised by Wednesday following the end of the match.
10. The result of the match is used to construct the Premiership Table including the Performance Quotient. Make sure it is correct including all innings played and extras. If there is any inaccuracy even minor, notify the correct details. Mostly the details will be changed just on your say so. The other club will be notified and can challenge if it’s not an error but a disagreement.
11. Fielding and Keeping votes are expected to be entered in the Captain report.
12. Forfeits –Clubs must advise the Association Secretary, the opposing team and any Umpires for the match. The forfeiting team is liable for any Umpire fees. The team receiving the forfeit must nominate a team on the website and claim the forfeit in the appropriate time. Clubs should do all they can to avoid forfeits but it is poor form to wait until match time if it was clear much earlier that a team could not be mustered. Clubs must forfeit their lowest side first. Except for exceptional circumstances, clubs forfeiting a higher team will be deemed to have forfeited any match played by a lower team.
13. If inclement weather threatens play, it is best if all players attend the ground where the Umpire will make decisions on the possibility of play. In the absence of appointed umpires, the captains together must decide when play is possible. That said we don’t want whole teams traversing Adelaide when there is no chance of play especially where the forecast is grim and photos can be exchanged. Captains can contact each other and any appointed umpire and decide to cancel a day’s play. This may not be easy as the state of the game or premiership table can see one team far more eager for play than the other. Play must be abandoned for the day if the official forecast maximum temperature for Adelaide at 5 p.m. the night before is 40 degrees or higher. This forecast is available on the internet at or the BOM weather app and will feature in radio news bulletins. Players and umpires will not be expected to attend the ground where the forecast of hot weather prevents play.
14. The Association receives generous sponsorship from Kookaburra and so quality 156g Kookaburra leather cricket balls (preferably ASCA branded Tuf Pitch) must be used in all matches.
15. Where a team bats short of players on any given day, only the wickets actually captured count towards the performance quotient.
16. Umpire Fees where appointed:- For two-day matches fees are $130 per day in Sect 1 and $110 per day in Sect 2 and lower. The fee is $150 per day for one-day matches. $40 per day for days washed out or abandoned at the oval with no play. Nothing for days abandoned by Rule 9 Excessively Hot Weather. $70 for T20 matches. Each club participating in the match is responsible for half except for Semi-Finals and Grand-Finals where umpires are paid from Association Funds.
17. Clubs must transfer umpire fees to the Association account promptly on receipt of an invoice from the treasurer. A fine and reminder will be quickly followed by loss of premiership points.

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