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Subscription and Nomination Fees
Section 24(a) Copy
Annual Club Subscription, (per Team)
$ 150.00
Section 24 (b)
Nomination Fee for a New Club (includes Annual Subscription for one team)
$ 200.00
Section 24 (d)
Payment after 31st October – (Per Club)
$ 60.00
Section 18
Meeting Non-attendance (per Club)
Section 29(b)
Non-registration of Player (per Player)
Rule 6(c)
Late Starting of Match (per Team)
Rule 11(b)
Incorrect Playing Attire (per Player)
Rule 13 (f)
Team not selected (per team)
Rule 13 (f)
Scores or results not entered on website (per team)
Rule 13 (f)
Illegible or incomplete Scorebook
Rule 14 (c)
Captains Report not submitted
Rule 14 (c)
Club Report not received (per Club)
Rule 15 (g)
Forfeit of Match (per Team)
Section 26 (e)
Withdrawal of team

Schedule "A"

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