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Official Reports
14. (a) After each match a Captain Report is to be completed for each team that played, in the manner advised by the Executive. It will contain an assessment of any appointed umpires, a ground assessment, optional comments on club umpires and Spirit of Cricket points for the opposition, and maybe Wicket-Keeping and Fielding Votes. Captain report is due the day after the match.
(b) Each Club Secretary shall forward a Club Report for publication on the Association Website, and such Club Report shall be delivered as advised by the Executive not later than the July meeting in each year.
(c) Any Club, which fails to submit a required Captain Report or Club Report within the time as provided in the foregoing clauses, shall be fined and the amounts of such fines are listed in Schedule “A” of the Constitution. Any Reports, which remain outstanding for a further month after they are due, will cause the club to be fined again. An extra fine will be imposed each month until reports are satisfactorily submitted.

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