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Players' Attire
11 (a) Each player shall be dressed in correct Cricket attire and no player shall bat or bowl for his team until his dress conforms to this Match Rule. Each player must wear a shirt, trousers or shorts, socks and sports shoes. Players may wear a sweater, hat, club cap or helmet. Apart from the club cap or helmet all are to be white or cream. Approval will be granted by the Executive for a club shirt to be worn with side panels or collars showing club colours and small signs identifying the club or sponsors on the chest or sleeves or across the shoulder blades. Clubs may have a player’s number up to 30 cm high printed on the back under the shoulder blades. Designs must be submitted to the executive for approval. Players are encouraged to wear mostly white shoes however participation will not be limited just because of the colour of shoes.
(b) Any Club fielding a player not correctly attired as described in the aforesaid Clause shall be fined, and the amount of such fine is listed in Schedule "A" of the Constitution.
(c) The Umpire(s) and Captains shall be responsible for reporting any breach of this rule to the Association Secretary.

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