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Premiership Points Table
12 (a) The Premiership Points Table is listed in Schedule "B" of the Constitution and the four teams leading on points in each Section at the completion of the minor round of matches shall compete in a final round of matches to decide the Premiership winners of each Section.
Semi-finals -1 v 4; 2 v 3
Final - Winners of the Semi-finals.
(b) Teams that the Executive allow to enter the competition after the first round shall only score points for byes or forfeits after they have played. If a team pulls out of a section during the season, teams that have beaten that team outright in 2-day games will lose their outright points and score points for a win on first innings.
(c) In the event of two or more teams scoring an equal number of points at the end of the minor round, their final positions on the Premiership Table shall be determined by performances.
(d) The performance of each team shall be determined by dividing the average number of runs scored by a team per wicket lost by the average number of runs scored against the team per wicket taken. The higher quotient is the better performance.
(e) The final positions of all teams below fourth place in each Section shall be as at the end of the minor round of matches.
(f) In the event of no play taking place on the day or days allotted for the semi-final or final matches, or of a result not being achieved within the times allowed, or of a tie occurring, the team finishing higher on the Premiership Points Table at the end of the minor round of matches shall be declared the winner of the semi-final or final for that particular Section.

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