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15. (a) A Club must forfeit a match when its team is unable to take the field with at least seven (7) players at the expiry of thirty (30) minutes after the scheduled time for the commencement of play.
(b) A Captain may forfeit a match before the expiry of the aforesaid thirty (30) minutes if he is satisfied he cannot possibly have the required minimum number of seven (7) players in attendance.
(c) A Club may also give prior notice of forfeit for one of its teams by notice, either written or verbal, to the Association Secretary.
(d) In addition to giving such prior notice of forfeit(s) to the Association Secretary, the Club must also advise such prior notice to the Secretary or Captain of the opposing team(s) and the Umpire(s) appointed to such match(es).
(e) Where an Official Umpire has been appointed to a match in which a team has forfeited, such team is also responsible for the payment of the Umpiring Fee should such Umpire not be re-appointed to another match that day.
(f) If a Club is unable to field one or more teams, then the team(s) forfeiting shall be the lower or lowest graded team(s) of that Club.
(g) Any Club whose team forfeits a match shall be fined and the amount of such fine is listed in Schedule "A" of the Constitution.
(h) In addition, the Executive Committee may set any extra penalty for such forfeit(s) as it sees fit.
(i) A team that forfeits cannot name a side on the website. A team receiving a forfeit must name their side and enter the result of the match as instructed in Special Match Rule 13.

16. All fines imposed for any infringement of the foregoing Special Match Rules are subject to the provisions of Section 32 of the Constitution.

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